Micvac Boosts Sales Expertise in Europe

Swedish food tech company, Micvac, has created the position of Country Manager Germany to strengthen and expand European operations. Appointed in September 2017, the new manager, Guido Kassel, brings over 30 years of industry experience, mechanical engineering knowledge and sales and distribution know-how to the new position.

Micvac, which developed an innovative method of producing chilled ready meals, markets this method to the food and food service industries. Following the recent appointment of a Country Manager France, the new Country Manager Germany will lend his support to the company’s solid growth in Europe.

“I am fascinated by Micvac’s concept, which, despite using innovative technology, is extraordinarily straightforward and simple,” says Guido Kassel. “It stands for future oriented quality, flavour and natural wholesomeness.” His stated objective is to broaden the availability of products created using the Micvac process among food retailers throughout Germany. Guido Kassel’s background in mechanical engineering and business administration puts him in a unique position to fulfil this purpose. His professional career has included positions such as CEO of a mid market food producer, Director of German Sales at a French food producer, and from 2006 onwards, Head of Sales & Product Development/New Business Development at renowned food producers with a focus on convenience food.

This wide-ranging experience has also enabled him to build an extensive personal network within the industry. “We are very happy to have Guido Kassel working for us in Germany,” says Christina Frohm Kramer, Regional Sales & Marketing Director at Micvac. “It allows us to intensify our efforts in the growing German market for chilled ready meals.”

The Micvac method
Micvac has developed an innovative and safe ready meal production method that utilises in-pack cooking and pasteurisation in one smooth continuous process. Each tray or pouch is filled with fresh ingredients and sealed, the meal is then cooked and pasteurised while passing through a microwave tunnel. Key to this process are Micvac’s patented packaging components: the Micvac tray and the unique Micvac valve.

The Micvac method provides solutions for the ready meal market, with a focus on microwave cooking and food service applications. For Micvac customers, it opens up new ways of targeting the modern consumer with a high degree of convenience and high quality products. The ingenious Micvac valve isn’t only crucial for the production, but also at home at the consumer. The valve whistles once the food has reached an even eating temperature. The equipment with the required production capacities along with Micvac packaging is delivered directly to producers, enabling them to focus on recipes and content. The chilled ready meals are placed in the refrigerated display section and they have an extended shelf life without the need of any additives. All this means less waste in the food chain. These two benefits constitute key selling points in the food retail and food service industries.