MEYN’S High-Speed Solutions Tailored to the Polish Market

At Polagra-Tech, Meyn presents high-speed solutions up to 15,000 bph which means more production and greater profit opportunities.

Polagra-Tech, the international Polish trade fair of food processing technologies will take place at the Congress Center in Poznań, Poland. Recently, the EU commission has forecasted that in 2019 Polish poultry meat production will remain the European Union’s (EU) largest poultry meat producer.
Increasing demand is driven by growing domestic consumption and export. In response to this growing demand, Polish processors are actively seeking more sophisticated equipment that can process broilers quicker, achieving higher levels of quality and performance.

Meyn offers a highly flexible, competitive solutions from live bird handling to deboning at the maximum capacity available in the market. These solutions will boost the processor’s market position and ensure their business continuity, leading to a significant labor reduction.

Grande drawer system
Careful live bird handling optimizes both animal welfare and product quality, and the Grande drawer system is developed with those in mind. It offers flexible layouts, depending on specific plant requirements, and can be expanded with the Meyn Multistage CO2 stunning and automatic trailer unloading and loading. The drawer system, designed for the highest line speeds and with an unrivaled headspace of 255 mm for the birds, preventing heat stress and ensuring uniform meat quality.

Deboning is not just a process – it’s a work of art.
Upgraded deboning solutions with the highest yield will be one of the focus points of Meyn during this year’s Polagra-Tech Expo.

Rapid breast deboner M4.1
Designed for ultimate convenience and efficiency, Rapid is the Plug & Play automatic breast deboner. The super efficient and compact Meyn Rapid breast deboner M4.1 is available with an increased capacity from 4,000 bph to 4,200 bph. The Rapid Breast Deboner is suitable for fresh and matured front halves or breast caps. The Rapid breast deboner acts as an advanced and standalone new system that is carefully designed to minimize installation time and optimize the footprint/capacity ratio.

WLD Whole Leg Deboner M2.0
With the whole chicken leg still being a popular cut in Poland, and all over the world, Meyn’s WLD whole leg deboner M2.0 simultaneously processes left and right anatomical legs with or without skin at a capacity of 3,600 legs per hour. The WLD M2.0 can precisely debone whole legs to the highest-quality export standards, and to the level of quality demanded by domestic consumers.

TDS Thigh Deboning Solution M1.0
The widely installed Meyn TDS Thigh Deboning Solution comprises multiple integrated process steps that enable poultry producers to enjoy maximum yield, quality, and throughput with a minimum of labor. The TDS is available in three versions, with capacities ranging from 3,600 thighs per hour up to 7,200 thighs per hour.

Meyn welcomes all guests to Polagra-Tech 2018 from September 30th to October 4th, at Pavillion 4, Stand 43. Meyn’s specialists will also be available at the booth in Poznań to discuss the superior qualities of the products.