Meyn America to Accelerate Customer Parts Deliveries Through Newly Constructed South Carolina Distribution Facility

Meyn America, LLC, a leading poultry processing solutions company, today announced plans to construct an 80,000-square-foot, Green Globes-certified parts distribution facility in the economic development business park of Oconee County, SC. The facility is intended to accelerate and improve the accuracy of Meyn’s growing parts business to support customers throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Latin America.

Todd Rhodes, vice president and general manager of Meyn Americas, said, “As part of our continuous improvement effort, we are always exploring opportunities to improve the customer experience. This new distribution facility will enable us to fulfill our growing customer parts orders more quickly and accurately. In addition, by establishing roots in South Carolina – two hours from our Georgia facility, we will diversify risk caused by any unplanned weather disruptions, allowing us to continue uninterrupted fulfillment of customer orders.”

Michael Otterbach, vice president of Parts Operations for Meyn America, added, “When this facility becomes operational, it will harness state-of-the-art automation technology that will significantly improve our OCE (on-time, complete and error-free) shipment to customers.”
Joost Weel, managing director of Meyn Food Processing Technology B.V., said, “This move represents a significant milestone in our global supply chain strategy, and we expect it will have the important added benefit of helping us reduce our company’s carbon footprint.”

Currently, parts are shipped via air from distribution centers throughout Europe to Meyn America’s customers – resulting in high CO2 emissions. Meyn’s new South Carolina facility will house a robust parts inventory that will be delivered to customers over land and sea – transportation modes proven to be less carbon intensive than air.

In addition, the distribution facility’s project managers are pursuing Green Globes building certification, by reducing the project’s environmental impact, identifying opportunities to save energy and minimize future maintenance costs, and fostering a healthy work environment for employees.

The company is investing $10.8 million in the construction of the warehouse, which it expects to be operational by Q3 2024.