Mechanical Separation and Grinding-Desinewing at Their Best with LIMA!

LIMA are specialists in the manufacturing of meat-bone separators, deboners and grinders-desinewers with a world presence through a network of more than 70 distributors on all continents.

LIMA has made a name for itself in the poultry, pork, lamb and beef industry since its very beginning back in 1981.

Meat processors from small to big-scaled deboning cut-up rooms are equipped with LIMA’s separators, deboners and more recently grinders-desinewers.

The best quality of poultry MSM at optimal yields with LIMA S meat-bone separators.


LIMA S meat-bone separators Simply the biggest available on the market: up to 20 000 kg / hr (44 000 lbs / hr) input capacity of chicken carcasses

The purpose is to maximize the value of co-products, such as, typically: poultry bones such as carcasses, wings, necks, drumsticks after manual or automatic cut-up lines, which would otherwise be discarded or sold at a very low price as it would be virtually impossible to recover all this meat from the bones manually. The separation of the meat from the bones is performed by using a rotary auger into a filter. The machine gently pre-crushes the bones and as the auger pushes the raw material through the filter, the pressure is easily regulated by adjusting the distance between two conical parts at the bone exit of the machine. A graduated device enables the operator to know exactly in which pressure adjustment the machine is. As the pressure increases on the raw material, it enables to extract through the openings of the filter, the soft part, the meat whereas the hard parts, the bones continue their way to the exit of the machine. The first and most common use of such separated meat, referred to as Mechanically Separated Meat (MSM) is the production of fine paste sausages such as Frankfurters for instance.

A range of LIMA S meat-bone separators from 100 to 20 000 kg / hr input capacity (220 to 44 000 lbs / hr):

With its compact size, the LIMA RM 50 S enables to reach yet substantial outputs and is perfectly sized for chicken meat-bone separation applications, up to 600 kg /hr (1 320 lbs / hr) input capacity in chicken carcasses.

The range of LIMA DDS / DD deboners/desinewers ensures to get an even higher QUALITY of MSM from poultry bones, referred to on the market as “3 mm MSM” or “Structured MSM” with better Structure, Colour and a low Calcium content, less than 1 000 ppm.

Illustration of a LIMA two-step separation process or how to maximize profits out of poultry coproducts.

Those good performances are the results of constant developments on deboners tools that submit raw products to the lowest pressure in order to preserve the technical qualities of the collected meat.

The mechanically deboning applications for poultry are quite numerous such as for: necks, V-bones, drumsticks, front carcasses.

Additionally, LIMA also proposes two-step separation lines (DDS + S) for poultry enabling yet numerous poultry processors around the world to take advantage of LIMA’s superior technology to produce very high quality structured / 3 mm MSM as well as excellent ‘LIMA MSM meat’.

Maximizing profits out of boneless meat with LIMA Grinders-Desinewers.

Specifically for harder bones such as pork or lamb bones, LIMA has developed a range of LIMA DSP deboners which unique design ensures to recover at optimal yield and reduced temperature increase of the meat, a high quality coarse textured MSM, which main functional characteristics are close to a minced meat.

Last but not least, LIMA has also made a strong reputation when it comes to maximizing profits out of boneless raw materials with its ranges of Grinders-Desinewers.

The purpose is to valorise good meat into a high-quality coarse ground meat by separating remaining hard tissues such as sinews, tendons, gristles, cartilage, bone chips as well as foreign plastic bodies at very high yield, from 80% to 98% while Collagen/Protein ratios remain under controlled values and the temperature hardly increases during the process. The recovered meat is NOT MSM (Mechanically Separated Meat) but actual ground and desinewed meat processed from bone-out meat.

In this respect, LIMA offers a wide range of Grinders – Desinewers DD/DDS specifically for red meat bone-out raw materials such as Beef and Pork trimmings, aponeurosis, deboned shank or shoulder meat.
This range of LIMA Grinders – Desinewers DD/DDS for red meat can process from 100 to 12 000 kg/hr of raw product input.

Furthermore, LIMA has also developed a new range of Grinders – Desinewers GD specifically for poultry bone-out raw materials: trimmings with or without wishbones, deboned thigh and drumstick meat and fillets.

This new range of LIMA Grinders – Desinewers GD can process from 100 to 8 000 kg/hr of raw product input.

These ranges of LIMA low pressure Grinders-Desinewers benefit from all other LIMA machines advantages:

• No pre-breaking,
• Single stage operation,
• Low maintenance cost,
• Optimum high yields,
• Quick use and operator friendly,
• Quick payback.

In particular, only a limited number of parts are moving, which explains the extremely low cost of exploitation and the short time of cleaning and disinfection.