MARELEC FOOD TECHNOLOGIES will present the PORTIO 3A at ANUGA. This Portion cutter cuts fresh meat or fish into portions of fixed weight, fixed thickness or a combination. The machine uses the proven technology of laser guided cameras to scan the volume. With the volume and the density known, the machine calculates instantly where to cut to reach the desired weight or thickness. Thanks to its 3 cameras, it offers the best possible precision. 

Portio 3A

The angle of the rotating knife can easily be tilted, without the use of tools, over 30° or 45°, resulting in a cut under angle, with fixed weight and the look of a natural hand cut. 

All MARELEC PORTIO’s are designed for optimum cleaning and hygiene. The machines can be opened completely for easy access. They are equipped with a Cleaning In Place (CIP) on all belts and guiding of the knife. Options exist to prevent the products from rolling, to hold them from the top (APH) or to hold them from the back.

The PORTIO can be placed in line with a grader, to maximize the yields. In this case, the machine selects the optimal cutting pattern to reduce trim. The outfeed product holder will ensure that all portions are nicely separated before coming onto the weighing belt.

Other portioning machines in the MARELEC range are PORTIO 1 for flat products, and the PORTIO 1D, a dual lane for increased capacities on the smallest possible footprint. On both models, the option to cut under angle is available. The latest model is the PORTIO 1F, designed for fillets.

The PORTIO 3A will be shown on the booth of ALCO Food Machines, Hall 6, A050 B059