New CW3 Compact Combo models ensure highest levels of quality assurance for food processors, manufacturers and packers with limited production space

Loma Systems has unveiled a range of super space saving CW3 Compact Combination Checkweighing and Metal Detection units. With up to 30% smaller footprint than similar systems and a modular, hygienic design, these exciting new additions to the company’s well-proven and popular CW3 portfolio ensure high levels of quality assurance by providing superior and reliable product inspection for food processors, manufacturers and packers with limited production space.

Reinforcing Loma’s position as one of the leading global suppliers of metal detection, checkweighing and X-ray inspection equipment for the food industry, the new, OIML R51 and EC TA (MID) accredited CW3 Compact Combo range has been built to the company’s ‘Designed to Survive’ specifications, utilising heavy duty components and offering best possible levels of performance. 

Fully constructed from stainless steel, Loma’s slim CW3 Compact Combo features a convenient, modular design which saves valuable line space and ensures continuous operation. The system can adapt to a wide range of different products because of its true variable frequency metal detection and versatile checkweighing capabilities.

Offering low lifetime cost of ownership and significant cost-savings, the new unit features the superior performance and accuracy of a CW3 checkweigher with the high detection performance of an IQ3 metal detector. The checkweigher measures product weights quickly and precisely: with a specially developed diverter rejecting “out of tolerance” products, while the metal detector consistently detects and rejects contaminated products.

The high speed and accuracy of Loma’s CW3 Compact Combo, coupled with the easy to use multi lingual and integrated colour graphical touch screen interface with dual controls for both machines, makes product change fast and simple. Additionally, this speeds up data entry and operator training, reduces possible user error and increases productivity. 

With true variable frequency, the metal detector can automatically calibrate new products and packaging within seconds. Plus frequency data for many different products can be stored for added ease of operation and optimum sensitivity. 

The versatile checkweigher is capable of weighing a wide range of flexible and rigid packs up to 6 kg. The CW3 Compact Combo is available in line heights from 700 mm to 1200 mm and total system lengths from 1610 mm to 2100 mm and is capable of inspecting up to 80 packs per minute.

Output signals from the metal detector and checkweigher operate independent rejects. One rejects metal contaminated products, while the other rejects off weight items. This feature keeps metal contaminated products separate from potentially reusable off weight products.

A highly flexible, modular design ensures that changes in line layout can be easily accommodated. Built with heavy duty conveyor components and high quality electronics, the CW3 Compact Combo is ideal for tough industrial environments, meeting IP65 wash down specifications.

Loma’s CW3 Compact Combo also provides a suite of remote data commands system allowing operation managers to readily and easily integrate the equipment into existing plant data capture networks. A data capture system is integral to an accurate quality control regime that can be accessed simply and quickly.

There are three models in the range: the CW3 Compact Combo Light Weight has a 200 mm belt width, 150 mm aperture, small bins, 700 mm infeed and 600 mm outfeed while the CW3 Compact Combo Mid-Range is available with 300 mm and 400 mm belt width options, 200 mm aperture, large bins and 800 mm outfeed.

Tony Bryant, UK Sales Manager at Loma Systems comments: “Loma has created a superior food inspection system within one single, super space saving frame. Offering the highest levels of quality assurance, it will enable food companies to save valuable line space, allowing for increased operating efficiencies and plant floor space to be optimised, all of which creates a safer, more practical working environment. The hygienic design of the CW3 Compact Combo and its innovative quick release belt allows for simplified cleaning procedures. While the combination of two machines in one is not a new concept, this latest significantly slimmer design provides a more cost-effective and efficient solution for the food industry.”

The CW3 Compact Combo includes a performance validation system (PVS) which automatically prompts the operator to test performance at pre-set intervals, conforming to HACCP standards and producing detailed records of any contaminants found.

Available as standard are adjustable feet, reject bins, USB socket, multi speed, pack pitch monitor, PETG covers, inspection hatch, lamp-stack and British Retail Specification (BRC) specification. Optional extras include servo feedback signal, serial link, LomaEnet, stainless steel covers and higher retailers code of practice compliance.

As with all Loma’s products, customers benefit from a high level of before and after sales service and receive a tailor made solution to their inspection requirements.