LIMA: A World of Separation at IFFA 2022!

LIMA are specialists in the manufacturing of meat-bone separators, deboners and grinders-desinewers with a world presence through a network of more than 70 distributors.
At IFFA 2022 show, LIMA will exhibit the following equipment:

LIMA meat-bone separators for poultry for the highest quality of mechanically separated meat at high yields with its LIMA RM 50 S and LIMA RM 2000 S. With its compact size, the LIMA RM 50 S enables to reach yet substantial outputs and is perfectly sized for chicken meat-bone separation applications, up to 600 kg/hr (1 320 lbs/hr) input capacity in chicken carcasses. The LIMA RM 2000 S is simply the biggest LIMA meat-bone separator available on the market: up to 20 000 kg/hr (44 000 lbs/hr) input capacity of chicken carcasses.

A LIMA RM 700 DSPM deboner for pork bones, its low-pressure technology allows very important reduction of the calcium level in the mechanically separated PORK meat while keeping optimum yields. The result is a well-structured recovered mechanically separated meat with technological performances close to minced meat. This model can process up to 3 500 kg / hr of pork back and neck bones without any pre-grinding.

A LIMA RM 180 GDM Grinder-Desinewer. LIMA has just developed a NEW range of Grinders – Desinewers GD/GDM specifically for poultry bone-out raw materials: trimmings with or without wishbones, deboned thigh and drumstick meat.

This NEW technology enables to produce a very high-quality ground – desinewed poultry meat in terms of texture and color at very high yield. This recovered meat is NOT a mechanically separated meat but a true ground and desinewed meat produced out of bone-out meat cuts or trimmings.

Other main advantages of LIMA’s Grinders-Desinewers GD/GDM: very high yields from 86 to 99%, optimized C/P ratios, low temperature increase, very hygienic design and very low maintenance costs.
The range of more than 70 LIMA models can process from 100 to 20 000 kg/hr of raw product.
Please come and meet us on HALL 9.0 STAND C 51.