K-LINE KK500 – Continuous Piston Stuffer for the Industry

K-Line works with a unique rotary piston system. After charging, six rotating pistons transport the product to the large dimensioned cover outlet.

The Frey rotary piston system is actually the system which cares most for the product. Smearing effects are reduced to a minimum, therefore also critical products can optimally be produced. The result is a perfect filling finish also with temperatures of over 0°C. Therefore KK500 is especially suitable for production plants producing half- and long keeping food and natural dried raw sausages.

K-LINE KK500 achieves a filling performance of max. 7.000 kg/h and a filling pressure of maximum 25 bar. The filling performance is maximum 350 port./min.

A simple cleaning is the basic requirement for best hygienic conditions in the production. FREY-stuffers therefore have smooth external contours. The machine housing is completely made of high-quality stainless steel.

The expenditure for cleaning and maintenance is very low due to the easy disassembling and neat contours between the parts. The integrated cleaning system in the rotary system of KK500 (clean in place) is unique. The rotorary system is automatically cleaned with water after the activation via the touch control.