“Just Clip It” with Poly-clip System – Delivering Sustainable, Efficient Process Security

Small clip, maximum impact: at Anuga FoodTec 2024 from March 19 to 22 in Cologne, Germany, Poly-clip System presented secure and material-saving packaging solutions for a wide variety of foods. The world leader for clipping machines and provider of complete clipping closure solutions showcased the company’s broad range of products at the trade fair. This included applications for the skilled trades as well as industrial food processing operations. With machines from the highly energy-efficient FCA product family ‘Green Series’, which are equipped with an environmentally friendly jumbo spool, and the material-saving clip-pak® clip-closure solution for liquids, paste-like and highly viscous products, the company is focusing on resource conservation. The new CEO, Dr. Alexander Giehl, aims to further expand this course and is looking to continuously develop a cutting-edge product portfolio that successfully combines innovation and sustainability.

“Just Clip It” is the trade fair slogan of Poly-clip System, a specialist in reliable, versatile clipping machines that enable secure and sustainable packaging solutions. The packaging consists of natural or artificial casings, flow packs or nets, and is sealed with a metal clip. Whether packaging cheese, sausages in stick or ring form, poultry, fruits and vegetables, or even non-food products – these innovative clipping machines enable the production of material-saving packaging solutions. Furthermore, the unique, bacteria-tight R-ID clip-closures developed by Poly-clip System meet the highest food safety requirements. At Anuga FoodTec, the company showcased a wide range of products for applications of all sizes – from handheld devices enabling manual clipping for skilled trades businesses and fully automatic machines for industrial applications to the clip-pak® clip-closure solution, a combination of clips and various flow pack alternatives.

With high-quality components, sophisticated technologies, and a hygiene- and maintenance-friendly design, the company located in Hattersheim, delivers machines that ensure exceptional process reliability and the highest machine availability. In addition to clipping machines of every performance class, labelling and pouch machines complement the range.

clip-pak® clip-closure solutions provide optimum sustainability
Alongside hygiene, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and appealing aesthetics, sustainability has become a crucial criterion in choosing the right food packaging. clip-pak®-based solutions from Poly-clip System, tailored to liquid, paste-like and highly viscous products, can fully leverage their strengths here: compared to conventional packaging, such as tins or plastic trays, they are just as reliable while being particularly space-saving and leaving very little packaging waste. The 2019 UMSICHT study by the Fraunhofer Institute confirms the positive environmental aspects. According to the study, clip-closure solutions for packaging sausages generate up to 81 percent less greenhouse gas emissions than thermoforming packaging, and 64 percent less than an injection-moulded cup. With the transformation of the FCA product family into the “Green Series,” Poly-clip System also supports its customers by delivering clip machines that are particularly energy-efficient and that contribute to greater resource conservation through reduced energy consumption – thus aiding in the effective reduction of their customers’ CO2 footprint.

At Anuga FoodTec, Poly-clip System exhibited a representative cross-section of the company portfolio, including the following products, representing industrial or skilled trades applications:

Automatic Double-Clipper FCA 80 GS: even greater sustainability with jumbo spool
Ensuring an easy entry into automatic clipping, the robust, user-friendly double-clipping machine FCA 80 provides reliable closure for collagen casings up to 80 mm, fibre casings up to 100 mm, or plastic casings up to calibre of 160 mm, achieving up to 125 cycles/minute. The highly flexible double clipper, offering four different spreads, is easy to operate. The integrated linear displacer ensures visually perfect products, producing symmetrical sausage ends with uniform pleating.

Similarly to various other models from the Poly-clip System portfolio, this fully automatic, energy-saving FCA 80 machine from the new “Green Series” can be equipped with the new jumbo spool for a more sustainable use of consumables. With up to 50 percent more clips on just one spool, fewer changes are required. This ensures more efficient processes, less machine downtime – and ultimately, reduced waste production.

Clip machine SCD 700: food safety optimised for semi-automatic clipping
The SCD 700 clip machine not only makes the semi-automatic sealing of various types of cut-to-size goods highly efficient but also safer. The easy-to-use single-clip machine seals plastic and natural casings up to calibre of 120 mm, as well as bags and nets. With a hygiene design upgrade, Poly-clip System now also ensures an even greater optimisation of food safety. By using laser technology instead of punching during the machine’s manufacturing process, completely even, easier-to-clean surfaces are achieved, further enhancing hygiene properties. Following the modular principle, the semi-automatic clip machine can be supplemented with optional features, including, for example, clip coding for batch traceability.

Innovation meets sustainability – ushering in a new era with CEO Dr. Alexander Giehl
Dr. Alexander Giehl, an experienced business leader, assumed the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at the family-owned company in 2023. He is focusing on the strategic advancement of the clipping machine provider through a combination of innovation, automation and sustainability. The conditions for this endeavour are excellent, according to Dr. Alexander Giehl: “Poly-clip System boasts a long-standing tradition, a strong market position, highly automated production and an impressive number of patents. With the award of the PRIMAKLIMA seal (primaklima.org) as a carbon-neutral site, the company has also taken an important step towards internal sustainability. I look forward to driving the continuous development of our product portfolio with the experience and creativity of our employees in order to continue providing our customers with the best solutions.”