International Spice Conference 2019

All India Spices Exporters Forum (AISEF) has announced the fourth edition of International Spice Conference 2019 to be held at Hyderabad from January 28th to 31st, 2019. The Forum, established in the year 1987, works towards protecting the interests of the spice exporters in India, creating a sustainable, pro-development business environment for the industry and its stakeholders. AISEF connects with all major global spice associations, understanding business needs, market changes and taking the lead in regulatory matters with a view to enable the industry to successfully meet the challenges thus creating the right environment for growth.

Celebrating its silver jubilee, AISEF launched the first ever International Spice Conference in 2016 followed by a second and third edition in 2017 and 2018. ISC 2018 on ‘Managing Disruptions through Transformation and Collaboration,’ saw 750-800 delegates from 45 nations, 50 highly distinguished speakers and 38 exhibitors. Over the three years, ISC has made an indelible mark and is today an event the industry looks forward to every year.

International Spice Conference 2019 is themed around the topic ‘Challenges of Change: Redefining the Value Chain.’ The conference will deal with topics including and related to changing consumer needs, digital advancements transforming business and distribution, and how governments enforce these changes, while exploring ways in which the industry can adapt its value chain to survive and flourish.

The four-day conference includes sessions on ‘Challenges of Change in the Global Spice Industry,’ ‘Family Business – Managing Transformation and Growth’, ‘Mergers and Acquisitions – Basic Tenets’ and ‘Redefining the Value Chain.’ Sessions on ‘Crops & Markets’ will include presentations on Pepper, Chilli, Cumin, Turmeric and Onion & Garlic. For the first time, ISC 2019 will also have an ‘INNOVATION PAVILION,’ showcasing new products, processes, and emerging technologies. The conference will be hosted in Hyderabad, a major city in India known as the City of Nizams, the City of Pearls and also internationally famous for its Biryani’s. Beginning January 28 to 31st, 2019, the conference will be held at one of the finest addresses in Hyderabad – Novotel Hyderabad Convention Centre, close to all the important destinations in the historic city.

ISC 2019 is aimed at professionals from food, spices and herb industry, ingredients manufacturing or fragrances and flavours industry, farmers, processors, traders, testing and regulatory authority, representatives of associations in food and allied services, hospitality industry and relevant government functionaries. In a nutshell ISC 2019 will present a bouquet of advantages like interactive presentations, panel discussions, networking sessions, audio visual presentations, optional side trips like business tours to spice growing areas and sightseeing trip to the marvels of Hyderabad.

Contributing nearly 80% of the global market in terms of value, India has a major role in spearheading change. AISEF represents about 80% of India’s spice industry. Working closely with organisations like M/S IDH, Netherlands, and the World Spice Organisation in various Sustainable Spice Programmes, AISEF ensures the betterment of the Indian spice industry.