PrimeLine features are inspired by nature, making this knife series particularly ergonomic, hygienic, sharp and slip-resistant. Various blade shapes and lengths, flexible or stiff blades, as well as the option of a shorter or longer handle guard make PrimeLine the perfect choice for all areas of food service, meat processing and food processing.


A soft, slip-proof surface surrounding a hard core guarantees stability and precise handling. Finely-tuned proportions make PrimeLine blades and handles perfectly balanced – for easy, fatigue-free cutting. The optimised, rounded handle with handle guard offers a secure grip that’s easy on your tendons and joints.


The ergonomic, soft handle coating moulds to fit your hand. A detailed  surface structure makes for a secure grip and optimum handling – even  when your hands are wet. The risk of slipping is significantly reduced,  helping to prevent injuries.


PrimeLine knives are manufactured entirely from top-class materials processed with utmost care. The more even the hardening, the better the knife holds its edge – that’s why we use the latest high-tech vacuum tempering process. Precise grinding and hand-finishing ensure a long life span and extraordinary sharpness.


The antibacterial effect of silver has been valued for centuries. We’ve equipped our handles with Sanitized® Silver finish, permanently and reliably reducing the spread of bacteria and the risk of cross-contamination. Sanitized® Silver offers optimum hygiene for the meat and food processing industry, fully complying with the regulation (EU) 1935/2004. It’s also anti-allergic and dermatologically tested.

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of quality knives and accessories for professional use, GIESSER produces more than 6,000 knives daily at its plant in Winnenden, Germany. The broad product range includes 2,500 different forged and stamped knives, as well as accessories for the food service and food processing industries. GIESSER products feature outstanding materials and first-class workmanship. You’ll find just the right tool for your demands. All PrimeLine knives are 100 % made in Germany.