The new REX vacuum fillers, 300, 400, 700 and 900 series, are the result of more than 30 years of experience in the production and use of the previous models. The new series of fillers satisfies a wide range of individual customer requirements. The new series replaces the old REX vacuum filler program and paves the way for innovations in the market of machine processing of various types of viscous and liquid substances for the food industry.

RVF 436 / 436 S / 460 / 460 S

The all-rounder for all sizes of business

400 series is flexible and universal. It is suitable not only for small and medium – sized meat-processing factories but also for large highly specialised companies. The smooth surfaced, hygienically designed and space-saving machine housing is self-supporting and made entirely of stainless steel. The extra robust vane cell feed system ensures the greatest portioning precision with maximum working time. No crushing or smearing: it ensures that all fillings are transported gently, especially for larger sausage meat portions, larger pieces of meat or raw sausage applications. The vane cell feed system is available with 8, 12 or 14 vanes, as well as with blind vanes. Due to the newly developed hopper elevating device, the hopper of the RVF 400 model – available in different sizes – can be filled easily and without any losses.

RVF 736, 761

Higher filling pressure

RVF 736 and 761 are also designed for the requirements of meat processing industry. The reinforced drive units allow reaching maximum filling pressure of up to 70 bar. This series is particularly recommended for:

  • applications in combination with REX grinding head
  • cold and viscous meat mass up to -4°C
  • using smaller filling tube or linking nozzle diameters

The in-feed systems guarantee exact portioning of both cold and viscous fillings. At the same time, all fillings are gently transported – without any squashing, squeezing or tearing.

RVF 736 and 761 may at any time be equipped with a grinder drive unit due to the large machine stand. The reinforced design of the main drive unit ensures filling pressure of up to 70 bar. This combination is perfect for using REX grinder in sausage and minced meat production because it offers maximum performance and precise portioning.

Due to the newly developed hopper elevating device, the hopper of the RVF 700 series (250 or 350 litres) can be filled easily and without any losses.

  • 250 or 350 litre hopper
  • 1.5—8 mm hole plates
  • REX MC 3—1 grinder
  • vane cell feed system
  • grinder drive unit
  • REX MC 3—2 grinder.