Innovation Award for Depositing System on High Performance Slicers. TREIF System Аlready Used Successfully on the Мarket


The high-speed depositing system of TREIF`s industrial slicer DIVIDER 880 that allows continuous slicing of products like ham, sausage or salami was awarded with first prize in the SUCCESS innovation competition.

The Department of Trade and Industry of Rhineland-Palatinate and the ISB (Investment and Economic Development Bank of the state) annually award this prize to medium-sized companies for developing and launching pioneering, innovative products and technologies which are already being used on the market successfully. TREIF was nominated this year and won the first place.


From left: Eveline Lemke (Secretary of State for Trade and Industry of Rhineland-Palatinate), Uwe Reifenhaeuser (Managing Director), Thomas Kuehr, Juergen Melles, Uwe Ragnit (all TREIF), Dr. Ulrich Link (ISB board of directors).


The official appraisal stated: “TREIF has made a machine marketable that was brought into series production due to its performance and the resulting increase in productivity. It has already been supplied to several renowned companies in the food industry. The new generation of machines underlines the technological leadership of the company.”

The Secretary of State for Trade and Industry of Rhineland-Palatinate, Eveline Lemke, and Dr Ulrich Link (ISB board of directors) handed over the award to Uwe Reifenhaeuser, owner and CEO. He accepted the award together with Thomas Kuehr, Juergen Melles and Uwe Ragnit who are part of the team that developed the high speed depositing system.

The high speed depositing system features a technology which is used for continuous high speed slicing of food products in industrial systems.

Slicing continues while sliced packages are taken directly underneath the blade and transported safely. This allows a continuous product flow without so-called blank cuts – blade revolutions where the product is not sliced. On other systems, these blank cuts provide the time required to transport the sliced packages. 

The high speed depositing system requires no blank cuts which waste precious time. That means that fewer blade revolutions are required for the same output. There is less wear on the product and it is possible to slice at higher product temperatures. Slicing at higher product temperatures is a great advantage particularly with regard to energy costs. Costs for cooling the products can be reduced significantly. Costs for working steps which would otherwise be required are also omitted. Slicing at higher product temperatures is also beneficial to product quality. After all, freezing products can change their flavour as well as their appearance and texture. Omitting the expensive blank cut head technology also results in lower maintenance costs.

“We are very proud of the award for a technology that is based on an intensive research and development work,” Reifenhaeuser says. The managing director explains: “For us, this innovation award is a very special incentive which also recognises that the innovation is already being used on the market successfully.”