IFFA 2019: Bizerba Demonstrates Solutions for Smart Connected Meat Processing

From May 4–9, 2019, the IFFA, the world’s leading trade show for the meat industry, will open again. In hall 11.1, booth A11, Bizerba will demonstrate how intelligently connected hardware and software solutions can lead to measurable efficiency increases and more sustainable processing in the food industry. In various product presentations, the long-established company will show solutions for all customer segments from industrial meat-processing companies and trading organizations to local butchers.

As an innovation platform and industry venue, the IFFA will set the tone in the meat industry for the months and years to come, making it the ideal platform for Bizerba. Under the motto “Explore connected fresh solutions“ and with a focus on connected systems, the traditional company will demonstrate end-to-end solutions that will shape the future of its customers (hall 11.1, booth A11). Exciting product presentations will give professional visitors the opportunity to discover the latest industry solutions with software and services as the connecting element. Located amid the product presentations, a communication island will be available for discussions.

From Online to Offline in the Fresh-Food Sector: Connected Ordering and Servicing Processes

Digitization has finally arrived in the food-production sector, resulting in highly automated processes. Connected machines play a key role in this context, exemplified by the B3 wrapper as an innovative, brand new solution for preparation rooms. Enabling improved communication and data-exchange processes, interconnected devices like the B3 lead to increased production effectiveness, quality and flexibility, thereby saving resources, cost and time. The process chain from placing the order in the online shop to the processing and servicing steps at the fresh-food counter to the final pick-up or delivery stage efficiently connects the ordering and servicing processes in the retail sector and merges online shops with stationary trading. By reasonably packaging fresh food, the B3 fully-automatic packaging and price labeling machine makes for an appealing product presentation. The B3 wrapper is designed for various package materials and sizes. Featuring a minimized footprint and high efficiency, the machine is also convenient to operate.

The B3 fully automatic packaging and price labeling combo features high productivity and optimum availability. (Image courtesy of Bizerba)

Custom Solutions for Optimized Production Processes

Time plays a significant role in the food-processing industry because customer satisfaction increases with the freshness of the food. In the production segment, Bizerba’s solutions range from slicing and labeling systems to inspection solutions, with efficiency and productivity as the overriding theme.

With the brand new A660 slicer, another process step is streamlined for customers because a subsequent weight check can be eliminated by slicing towards a specific target weight. Weight overage is measurably reduced by coupling the weighing function with the slicing function. Thanks to its automatic gripper, the A660 is also ideal for pre-packaged goods.

As an all-in-one device, the A660 can slice, weigh and portion a variety of slicing goods towards a specific target weight. (Image courtesy of Bizerba)

Services 4.0 Through Intelligent Management and Monitoring

Connectivity is impossible without the key software in the background enabling the machines to communicate with each other and providing users with all the relevant data required to control and regulate their processes. As food production is characterized by strict monitoring and verification obligations, all relevant data must be available at the push of a button. In addition, digitization enables new, time-saving solutions in the maintenance sector as well.

Using Bizerba‘s BRAIN2 industry software and RetailControl retail software, processes can be monitored and analyzed through every step. Based on factors including performance, quality and availability, BRAIN2 analyzes the effectiveness of the entire facility, resulting in transparency. Furthermore, the entire device pool can be monitored and maintained using the RetailControl management software, enabling installations and updates to be controlled in a centralized and automated manner.

Meat is a valuable good, and less waste results in lower cost. Furthermore, the United Nations are planning to fight food waste in the industrial environment, aiming at a 50-percent reduction of food waste by 2030. Using Bizerba‘s Food Waste Tracking, production personnel can already be sensitized to treat food sustainably. Using the tracked food, employees can identify the amount of unplanned food waste.

Using the intelligent management and monitoring solutions together with real-time data, Bizerba can provide customers with new digital services including predictive maintenance. Any machine downtimes will create domino effects in the supply chain. Therefore, Remote Support, i. e. remote maintenance and service is the approach of choice for quick troubleshooting.

As another starting point for reducing downtimes, Augmented Services is available as a remote maintenance concept via the view of production workers. Using their smartphones or smart glasses, Bizerba service technicians can see exactly what the employees of the customer see, enabling them to give precise instructions how to fix a technical problem without being on site. Using practicable AR applications, Bizerba is already able to reduce the response times for customers, significantly improving machine availability for retailers and manufacturers. In areas including product development, maintenance and customer support, Augmented Services enable significant considerable efficiency improvements and cost reductions.