How to Keep Cool During an Online Auction

The exhilarating world of online auctions is nowadays closer to your doorstep than it ever was. You can buy anything online and online auctions appear to offer the perfect solution. At least, when a professional company takes the lead. So is Industrial Auctions. An online auctioneer located in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. With their specialty in auctioning used machines for the food and beverage industry, they have shown both buyers and sellers their platform’s worth.

Till your deepest desire
They provide the perfect space for their buyers; a well-thought-out auction platform with a personal dashboard that fulfils many wishes. It does not only keep your data safe but allows you to track preferred lots, ask questions on the spot, and for example, place a bid whenever you are ready for it. Won the machine you were looking for? Within a week you can pick up your lot and rest assured; their logistics team is on point to help you out with loading or transport can be arranged in advance. So excited that you’ve bid on several auctions? An insight into your proforma invoices can be consulted anytime. So everything looks clear, but how to keep your head cool during an online auction? And what are actually helpful tips? We’ll help you out.

It all starts with you
Be specific in what you are looking for and be aware of alternatives that you can turn to. Preliminary investigation makes half the battle. Besides, Industrial Auctions organises viewing days for all of their auctions, giving you the possibility to inspect the machines yourself. Take your advance with this, to ensure yourself of what you are looking to bid on and thus buy. Then for some self-preservation, it would be helpful to determine your maximum amount to spend in advance. Compare it to going to the casino. There’s nothing wrong with setting some boundaries beforehand. Becoming the potential new owner and thus winning the machine does not ensure its presence at your location. Do you want to outsource the transportation or maybe want to take that one upon yourself? Be aware of these costs and don’t make them an unpleasant surprise. Talking about unpleasant, don’t miss out on an auction where you found a machine that would make the perfect fit for your company. Subscribe to the newsletter of Industrial Auctions or track lots and get sent a so-called closing alert email on the due date. Not a fan of emails? Follow the social channels and stay informed as well.

Creating the best experience for you
Then to serve you at your beck and call Industrial Auctions integrated some nifty options for you on their platform. In the search bar, you can look up a machine by lot number or by brand and category, sourcing through all auction offers at the same time. While being updated at the same time about your bids by screen notifications. Still keeping an eye on your inbox is worth mentioning advice, to be completely aware if you are still the highest bidder. Still, you can serve yourself as well by going to your personal ‘tracked lots’ page and bidding at your convenience while keeping an eye on the other machines you took an interest in by bidding on them as well. Acting quickly at a glance. Talking about ‘placing a bid’, it’s of your choosing what kind of bid you are willing to place. Industrial Auctions allows you to place a static bid – where you determine the fixed amount of your bid – or to place a proxy bid. If you make a proxy bid, you indicate your maximum bid. The system will keep track of the further progress of the bids and, if necessary, outbids others with (a) new bid(s) on your behalf, up to the maximum amount you initially specified. For you to determine how to play the game. To make it a little less stressful situation and to provide a fair chance to all, there is a 5-minute rule in effect. Meaning, that if you place a bid in the last 5 minutes before the closure of a lot, the closing time will be extended by 5 minutes.

So here it is. The best tips and tricks to get you started at an online auction. Intrigued by the specialty that Industrial Auctions has to offer? You can visit their website: or give them a call to get some more information.