The new range of LIMA desinewers and deboners ensures to get very high QUALITY meat on raw products like poultry, pork and beef.

Those good performances are the results of constant developments on desinewers and deboners that submit raw products to the lowest pressure in order to preserve the technical qualities of the collected meat.

For desinewing of various raw materials with or without cartilage, such as, shank meat, trimmings, aponeurosis, high yields are obtained, from 80 to 98%, while C/P ratios remain under controlled values and the temperature hardly increases during the process.

For mechanical deboning, the same LIMA machines, equipped with the adequate deboning head enable to produce very HIGH quality separated meat, in terms of Structure, Colour and a low Calcium content, less than 1 000 ppm.

The mechanically deboning applications are quite numerous such as for poultry raw materials: necks, V-bones, drumsticks, front carcasses, wings as well as for pork, such as: back bones, necks, ribs.

This range of LIMA low pressure desinewers/deboners benefits from all other LIMA advantages:

  • No pre-breaking,
  • Single stage operation,
  • Low maintenance cost,
  • Optimum high yields,
  • Quick use and operator friendly

In particular, only a limited number of parts are moving, which explains the extremely low cost of exploitation and the short time of cleaning and disinfection.

LIMA has developed several new desinewers/deboners machines that have a capacity of 100 up to 12.000 kg/hr of raw products.

LIMA in 2016, will also show their entire range of machines at more than 30 exhibitions worldwide where our distributors can be met.