Heat and Control AirFry System.
Heat and Control Develops the AirFry System for Food Manufacturers to Take Advantage of Growing air Fried Foods Market

Heat and Control®, a world-leading equipment manufacturer and long-term partner with process prepared foods industry, brings together technologies to introduce the AirFry System to create lower oil content food products. The popularity of air frying has continued to grow over the last decade and brands are looking to take advantage of new product opportunities in the market.

The AirFry System creates air fried/oven fried products with taste, texture, and appearance like fried foods without using traditional (submersion) frying methods. The AirFry System provides a continuous means to produce a “fried-like” product by applying a controlled volume of topical oil, followed by pressurized high velocity cooking atmosphere from an impingement oven.

The system utilizes highly accurate Spray Dynamics® Oil application equipment which ensures complete and uniform coverage of the product while keeping oil use to a minimum. Paired with Heat and Control’s AirForce® Impingement Oven with its highly uniform airflow and high levels of process parameter adjustment, it ensures the most uniform and fastest air fry time in the industry. The AirFry System works with standard batter and breading application systems.

Customers have the option for a complete new system installed, or existing impingement oven owners can retrofit a spray applicator system with minimal investment.

“Heat and Control wanted to assist our customers in producing a high-quality product with fried characteristics without using the traditional submersion frying system,” said Doug Kozenski, Processing Industry Manager at Heat and Control. “We have been working closely with the industry to develop innovative ways to adapt to consumer trends demanding low oil content.”

More details about Heat and Control’s AirFry System will be available at the Anuga Foodtec, 26th – 29th April 2022, in Cologne, Germany.

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