HEAT AND CONTRO Automation Solution Exceeds Expectations for Canada’s Largest Chicken Processor L

Maple Lodge Farms Ltd® is Canada’s largest chicken processor. The family owned and operated company produces a wide variety of fresh and frozen chicken and poultry products in addition to bacon and wieners.

In 2017, the company had a plan to increase market share and grow annual revenue and was looking for a strategic partner to make it happen. Vetting a number of proposals, their savvy choice was a global engineering and manufacturing company – Heat and Control.
Well known and with a reputation for advancing process technology and innovating, Heat and Control was also very purposefully chosen for their commitment to support.

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In anticipation of the new demand and increased market share this plan would bring over the next few years, Maple Lodge Farms decided to expand their capacity by automating their manual process of spicing whole birds. An integral part of their growth plan, this product line became their focus and the Spray Dynamics’ whole bird seasoning system was the innovative solution chosen to carry to plan forward.

The Spray Dynamics system comprised of a USDA polished broken-in flight coating drum (with tube on diamond construction), Unispense III high volume dry ingredient dispenser, a Scarf Plate dry ingredient Feeder and PLC Controls and Information system for recipe management. Heat and Control worked with Maple Lodge Farms to first conduct preliminary testing in order to refine their process as best possible. At the conclusion of this, the new Spray Dynamics® system was installed and made fully operational. The results were immediate.

Improve spice coverage and reduce waste using a Spray Dynamics system.

“At the completion of the project in August, all of our critical criteria and objectives had been met and the results overwhelmingly surpassed all expectations,” said Kevin Shaw, Maple Lodge Farms Ltd.

“We overachieved in the spiced bird coverage and pick-up, and saw a significant reduction in waste. Throughput has also increased dramatically,” said Shaw.

The use of this equipment allowed Maple Lodge Farms to improve their process significantly and the ability to reduce spice waste was a key advantage. As a result of the dedicated support they received during and after installation, Maple Farms is also keen to work with Heat and Control in their next phase of growth.

Do you need an expert to design the right solution for your poultry line?

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