Handtmann has evolved into a world leader in the manufacture of vacuum fillers and portioning systems. A close dialogue with customers the world over is the source of product innovations and new application solutions, which stand for high performance, precision and reliability. The VF 600 vacuum fillers are tailored perfectly to individual production requirements and lay the foundations for maximum productivity by virtue of optimal feeding, dynamic servo drive technology and powerful vacuum capacity. The perfect combination of the vane cell feed system, integrated weight compensation and excellent control technology provides outstanding portioning accuracy precise to the gram. 




The VF 600 industrial vacuum filler product range includes various models with filling capacities of up to 14,400 kg/h and filling pressures of up to 72 bar. Each filler is a specialist unit that is tailor-made to the specific production requirements and applications. All filling products, including traditional boiled and cooked sausage, semi-viscous products or products with large chunks can be filled, portioned and linked or clipped using the Handtmann vacuum fillers. Cold cuts such as fine boiled sausage or boiled salami can thus be portioned and clipped in portion sizes of several kilograms with the utmost precision. Thanks to the vane cell feed system, product quality and weight accuracy are always first class, irrespective of whether the product is portioned into artificial, collagen or natural casing.

The newly-developed Handtmann VF 624 vacuum filler is the perfect addition to the range. Its key feature is the specially-developed vane cell feed system that turns the machine into the perfect auxiliary device for the Handtmann AL systems. Exceptionally precise weights over a long period of time in automatic sausage production, even in combination with clipping applications, are the main benefits for the customer. Examples of this are 25.g cocktail sausages and hotel portions. Outstanding production output is also achieved with industrial production of dry sausage snacks in conjunction with an AL system and a Handtmann in line grinding system. Constantly high filling pressures and a low-wear vane cell feed system concept guarantee long-term stable weight accuracy even with changing production parameters, such as air content and batch fluctuations etc.




AL systems and linking and hanging lines for automated sausage production complement efficient complete solutions. The Handtmann AL systems provide economical production of fresh, cooked or dry sausage in natural, collagen or artificial casing with maximum flexibility. They allow maximum performance in portioning and linking of sausages. The systems’ modular design provides a suitable solution for every application. 

The new fully-automatic Handtmann PVLH 246 AL system   facilitates a completely new level of productivity. The state-of-the-art technology of a linking unit with revolver and 3 nozzles ensures extremely short casing change times of less than 2 seconds. While one nozzle is in filling position, new casing can be spooled onto the other. Either fully-automatic with a casing magazine for artificial and collagen casings or manual for natural casings. The reliable system ensures maximum accuracy in terms of weights and lengths and efficient product placement on the hanging unit. A large calibre range and the processing of all types of casing and sausage meat complete the outstanding features of the PVLH 246: maximum output of up to 2,500 portions per minute in the calibre range 13 to 50 mm and portion lengths from 25 mm. PVLH 246 AL system, the latest development from Handtmann, provides the following technical and economic benefits: reliable work process through centring of the linking nozzle with every automatic spooling operation and precise slug guiding. Top hygiene conditions due to targeted removal of exiting filling material when the slug is changed. A large calibre range and flexibility in all types of casing and sausage meat allow an extensive product portfolio. Optional use of integrated inline grinding technology with gristle separator and metal detector ensures further improvement in product quality and product processing.



Sausage production with high vacuum technology opens up whole new dimensions in terms of performance, quality and economic efficiency. The HVF 660 covers the large-calibre dry sausage, boiled salami, boiled sausage, semi-dry sausage or summer sausage market segment, whereas the HVF 658 has been developed for small-calibre dry sausage snacks and products made from very firm feed material. Boiled sausage, boiled salami, summer sausage, cooked sausage and semi-dry sausage benefit from excellent evacuation and full elimination of all residual air with the HVF 660. The result is an absolute pore-free product with excellent product appearance, longer shelf life and a perfect look inside the packaging. High production output through efficient hopper feeding, continuous filling without down-times, very good portioning capacity and weight accuracy due to optimum feed and – last but not least –  a state-of-the-art energy balance ensure efficiency, economic use and an extremely short payback period.

The HVF 658 with a filling pressure of up to 72 bar is the perfect solution for dry sausage, dry sausage snacks or products made from very firm or cold feed material. A absolute pore-free and compact dry sausage product is achieved due to the excellent evacuation facilitated by the HVF 658. An outstanding level of productivity is ensured by high filling pressure, optimum firm product suction characteristics and perfect feeding into the vane cell feed system. Optional use of the Handtmann inline grinding technology facilitates further optimisation of product quality and processing. HVF 658: maximum evacuation for reduced maturing time and higher selling weight.