Handtmann Adds New ConProLink Hanging to ConPro Systems


Food marketing is always on the lookout for innovative production and packaging technologies. Handtmann ConPro technology provides the possibility to position new product ideas. In addition to the leading technology and the opportunities for product design, the unique aspect of the Handtmann ConPro system is its diverse range of applications. Be it fresh, cooked, mould-ripened or raw sausage products – there is enormous potential for new product ideas made of pasty product. Meat products produced with ConPro technology, such as dry sausage, semi-dry sausage, cooked sausage or fresh fried sausage, are already well-established on the market in various countries. However, the Handtmann ConPro system can also be used for ideal and reliable processing of dairy or fish products as well as kosher, halal and vegetarian products. 

The new ConProLink hanging system


ConPro systems (continuous production systems) are special continuous co-extrusion systems for the production of sausages with edible skin. The ConPro system combines the advantages of a vegetable alginate skin with the Handtmann co-extrusion technology. The main advantages of the ConPro systems in comparison to traditional methods for producing meat products are that sausage skins or casings no longer have to be changed. Thanks to continuous co-extrusion there are no more casing change times and filling time is therefore maximised. Continuous production with increased potential for automation, almost unmanned production and in-line packaging render it possible to reconsider conventional production methods in their entirety in order to generate economic benefits.


Linking module


The systems can basically be classified into conventional ConPro systems and systems with linking functionality. The primary difference between the systems is the shape of the product ends. With the conventional ConPro systems, the product strand is either cut directly and straight after extrusion and fixation using appropriate separating devices or formed during cutting by means of a forming cut. With both variations the product ends are not completely enclosed by the skin. The ConProLink system (linking) allows for extrusion of fully closed products. The strand of sausages can be cut either into individual portions or into chains. Fixation or solidification of the skin during linking ensures a stable and tight sealing of the sausage portion. The lines in general have a very flexible design in order to offer a calibre range of maximum width. Both ConPro categories can be expanded to include the hanging function. 



Product examples ConProLink hanging


The new ConProLink hanging system was presented for the first time at the IFFA 2013. The new system allows linking and hanging in a continuous process and produces a purely vegetable alginate skin using the linking/co-extrusion head, portions the filling product precisely to the gram, constricts it with the help of the voider, links the products and hangs them on the hanging unit. This system also proves to be notedly cost-effective as existing smoking/cooking systems can be used for the hung products and new investments are thus not required in this area. Considerable advantages are also provided by the substantial potential for efficiency due to the continuous process coupled with considerable reductions in staff costs thanks to the high level of automation. However, the cost savings of up to 40 % in relationship to comparable products in natural or artificial casing are most significant. ConPro technology: the state-of-the-art and economical way of production!