All production processes employed by Poly-clip System for clip and loop production meet the requirements of Islamic law. These are summarized under the term “Halal”. With the certificate, the company promises its customers that it has methods and systems in place which examine if the manufacturing of clips from plastic and aluminium, as well as the loops comply with Islamic rules. The certificate is renewed each year. During the period in which the Halal Certificate is valid, unannounced inspections will be carried out by Muslim authorities. Poly-clip System is also able to offer its customers Halal-certified lubricating grease for the machines.

The word “Halal” comes from Arabic and can be translated with “allowed” or “permissible”. When this is applied to food, this means that Islamic laws were adhered with during its production and no forbidden substances came into contact with the food or are contained in it. Thanks to the certificate, the customers can feel assured that the production processes fulfils the religious rules relating to food.

The certification process involves a Muslim authority and a Muslim auditor examining the compatibility of a factory with the audit guidelines. Samples are taken from products up for certification and these are sent to independent accredited laboratories in order to test for and rule out prohibited substances in accordance with Islamic law using modern PCR-DNA analysis. During the period in which the Halal Certificate is valid, unannounced inspections will be carried out by Muslim authorities qualified to carry out such inspections.

The certificate issued by the Halal Certification Germany in Osnabrück is first required before the SGS certificate can be issued. SGS Germany also audited Poly-clip System prior to issuing it with ISO 22000:2005, which the company has been implementing in its processes since 2013.



To offer its customers top quality, especially under the aspect of foodstuff safety, Poly-clip System decided to certify its quality management systems according to ISO 22000, the international standard for the entire food chain. ISO 22000 ensures regular and independent monitoring of all processes for clip and loop production and thus guarantees even more safety for customers from the foodstuff manufacturing sector. After all, this reliability has top priority for Poly-clip System.

Since its introduction in 2005, ISO 22000 certification combines and harmonises numerous national standards in a comprehensive, comprehensible and globally recognised standard. It ensures that all quality assurance processes comply with international requirements. It therefore also includes the requirements of the internationally recognised system for foodstuff safety, HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points). ISO 22000 is the core element of FSSC 22000, the foodstuff standard recognised by Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), which additionally takes account of the special requirements of large trade chains and international manufacturers. Instead of testing merely the finished product, ISO 22000 also affects the preliminary processes. This permits early recognition of potential risks and avoidance or elimination thereof via preventive measures.

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