Grinders Desinewers New Range

LIMA is a specialist in the manufacturing of meat-bone separators, deboners and desinewers with a world presence through a network of more than 70 distributors on all continents.

LIMA has made a name for itself in the poultry industry since its very beginning back in 1981.

Poultry processors from small to big-scaled deboning cut-up rooms are equipped with LIMA’s separators, deboners or desinewers.

LIMA has just developed a new range of Grinders – Desinewers GD specifically for poultry bone-out raw materials: trimmings with or without wishbones, deboned thigh and drumstick meat.

This new technology enables to produce a very high-quality ground – desinewed poultry meat in terms of texture & color at very high yield.

This new range of LIMA Grinders – Desinewers GD can process from 100 to 8 000 kg/hr of raw product input.

LIMA specialists are at your service to explain in details the advantages of this new LIMA technology from the point of view of finished product quality, machine high hygiene, very easy maintenance, simplicity of its exploitation, very quick cleaning and disinfection operations.