Global Food Industry Works with LASKA Machines

Whether it’s the best meat and sausage products, fish, cheese, bakery products, confectionery, fruit and vegetable delicacies, behind the excellent processed foods around the world often stand the highly developed LASKA machines.

The family business was established in 1880, in Innviertel. During that time, Johann Laska began selling butchery supplies. After the World War II the family started developing their own machines from scrap tanks and airplanes. Today LASKA is a leading partner of food industry with the success of 97% of the export quota. The developer and manufacturer of high quality machines became a world famous company first in Linz and then in Traun.

Advanced Product Portfolio, Excellent Quality
True to its motto “Class instead of Mass”, from the very beginning, LASKA focuses on food processing machines. Just like a top-class car, each model is assembled manually according to the “one man – one machine” principle. The grinders, cutters, emulsifiers, frozen meat cutters, mixers and production lines of the family company are very well known with their precise performance, high output and extremely long life. The perfection is in every detail which is easily recognizable, for example, in the hygienic design of the equipment. This means that they are particularly easy to clean, and their design prevents any potential contamination.

Production Lines and Own Testing Department
The automation and digital production trend drives the food industry and all other industries as well. For many years LASKA has been developing innovative production lines providing continuous high quality and optimizing the operator work. Speaking of optimization, LASKA often develops its machines and production lines in close coordination with the customer needs, and the company will continue to do it. In order to test its innovations in real conditions of productivity, safety and easy operation, LASKA uses its own testing departments on site and in collaboration with industrial partner companies.

Experience and Fresh Ideas

LASKA is a “government awarded training company.” Many trainees prefer to stay in the company even when the in-depth training is over. The experience of the longtime employees combined with the energy of the young workers form the basis for the technical progress and LASKA’s customer satisfaction.