From the Compact Table-top Model to the Fully Automated Packaging Line


At Fachpack 2013 which takes place in Nuremberg, MULTIVAC will be showing selections from its extensive portfolio of thermoforming packaging machines, traysealers, vacuum chamber machines, labellers, quality control systems and automation solutions, and even right up to turnkey lines. 

From the compact table-top model to the fully automated packaging line: MULTIVAC is one of the few suppliers, which offers tailormade solutions to companies of all sizes. The packaging specialist has specialised in the sectors of food and industrial products, as well as medical items and healthcare products. 

Packaging automation in the food area

One of the highlights on the MULTIVAC stand is an end-to-end packaging line, on which MULTIVAC will be presenting the fully automated packing of sausages in flexible film packs. The heart of the line is the R 535 high-performance model, which is equipped with an energy-efficient MVP 600 vacuum pump from MULTIVAC. Integrated in the line is the Multi-Robot H 240, which is fitted with two 4-axis HR 460 robots. This picks up the sausages from a product infeed conveyor and places five of them at a time into each of the thermoformed cavities. A MVS MULTIVAC Vision System is integrated in the H 240, and this detects the orientation of the sau-sages, so that they are placed precisely in the cavities.

The thermoforming packaging machine is also equipped with innovations from MULTIVAC Marking & Inspection, namely the MR842 seal seam scanner, which checks the quality of the seal seams during the packaging procedure, and the MR625 cross web labeller, which checks the label and the print directly on the label dispenser. The packs are converged at the end of the line by the H 050 handling module. 

In addition to this, MULTIVAC will be presenting with the R 105 e-concept a further energy-efficient compact model in its portfolio of thermoforming packaging machines. The lifting units and cutting units are electrically driven. The R 105 e-concept also has a closed cooling water circuit. This means that the e-concept machine can dispense entirely with the supply of compressed air and cooling water, which would otherwise be necessary. The compact thermoforming packaging machine not only therefore saves resources, it is also flexible in its choice of location since all that it requires is a power supply.


Compact and yet still capable of line integration

As regards traysealers, MULTIVAC will be presenting its successful compact model, the T 300, and also the T 600, which was exhibited for the first time at IFFA. The two fully automatic traysealers seal up to 30 or 40 trays per minute respectively, and they are tailored exactly to the requirements of packers, who need a compact solution which can still however be fully integrated in a line. Both traysealers can produce the widest range of packs, including MAP packs with and without LID film, Isopak skin packs and Slicepac packs.


The new X-ray inspection system without a curtain, which is produced by MULTIVAC Marking & Inspection, is integrated in the T 600. Thanks to its special construction and unlike other systems, the X-ray inspection system is able to dispense with the lead curtain. This has the advantage that even very light products remain precisely on track during the infeed, since there are no curtains to touch the product.


Chamber machines for every product size

As for the chamber machines, MULTIVAC will be presenting the compact, but still very high-output, C 370 TWIN free-standing machine with two chambers. A double chamber machine and several table-top machines will also be shown. Being exhibited for the first time at Fachpack is the new C 800 vacuum chamber machine, which with its 1.40 metre wide chamber is currently the largest single chamber machine in the MULTIVAC portfolio. It is especially suited to packing particularly long food products, such as for example cylindrical sausages, long whole fish, cheese blocks, or long products in the nonfood area.


Other Exhibits

A MR335 top and bottom labeller, a labeller for sealing the flaps of folding boxes and a link chain labeller for packing gourmet food products, will also be shown from the portfolio of MULTIVAC Marking & Inspection.

MULTIVAC will also be presenting three compact models for the packing of medical items and healthcare products, which enable even very small batches and frequently changing product groups to be packed flexibly. The solutions ensure a reliable, reproducible, and traceable packaging procedure.



MULTIVAC is one of the world’s leading suppliers of packaging solutions: the company is a global market leader in thermoforming packaging machines and it manufactures a comprehensive range of traysealers, vacuum chamber machines, chamber conveyor machines, labellers, quality control systems, automation solutions and even readyto-use lines. The MULTIVAC group has approximately 3,800 employees worldwide, with about 1,400 based at the headquarters in Wolfertschwenden. With more than 65 daughter companies the Group is represented on all continents. Over 900 consultants and service technicians around the world place their knowledge and experience at the disposal of their customers and ensure that all installed MULTIVAC machines remain fully operational.