From Father to Son: The Future of Industrial Auctions with Jeroen van Kollenburg

Despite the fact that their core business mainly takes place online, a new face is introduced at the helm of online auction company Industrial Auctions. The gradual takeover from father to son has been going on for some time, but at the turn of the year, action was put into words. Ad van Kollenburg handed over his auction gavel to his son Jeroen van Kollenburg with passionate pride. A younger generation often brings a breath of fresh air and we are curious about its corresponding vision for the future. So off for coffee at Jeroens’ Industrial Auctions.

Like father, like son
Industrial Auctions is now a well-known player in the food and beverage industry that is still gaining significant ground. “The fact that we offer a service that the market is shy about is evident from our growth,” says Jeroen. By this he not only refers to the number of square meters of their industrial halls or growing team of driven colleagues, but rather to the gigantic increase in supply in auctions and thus machines. Although here, too, success has certainly not come by chance. With their now established reputation, they do not take their success for granted. A wise and down-to-earth lesson that Ad has taught Jeroen as well. “Staying down-to-earth and relying on our own strengths. That way of thinking and working has brought us to where we are today,” says van Kollenburg.

Never change a winning team
Naturally, Jeroen hopes to be able to give his own twist to the future plans and activities of Industrial Auctions. “While I hope to learn a lot from Ad, fortunately I have plenty to bring to the table myself.” Jeroen previously fulfilled the role of project leader within the company for a long time. In this position he has acquired in-depth knowledge and, from his own experience, he knows how to accurately estimate the workload per project. In his role as project leader, he inventoried machines by making accurate descriptions and photos of the lots. He was present at viewing days to provide support and as a source of information, helped customers with their logistical challenges and delivered the auction site clean together with his colleagues. A process that all takes place in just a few weeks. Being familiar with the high workload and fast pace of online auctions gives him an advantage, he says.

His enthusiasm to continue the success of Industrial Auctions is admirable, where his new role within the company is also accompanied by unprecedented responsibility. Something he says he does not underestimate, but he does say that the company is ‚rock solid’. “Behind the name Industrial Auctions lies a team of passionate people. Each and every one of them is indispensable, because everyone has made a personal contribution to the success of the company with his or her specialization. I feel strengthened to know that I can continue to work with this loyal team and that gives me a sense of peace. What remains unchanged are the short lines of communication and flat organizational structure that contribute to a motivated effort and a good atmosphere. A new face, of course, does not equal wanting to do everything differently.”

“We stick to who we are,
what we do and what we stand for.”

Service as an understatement
Jeroen is optimistic about the future of Industrial Auctions. The food and beverage industry will always exist resulting in a constant demand for machines. “And it is precisely in this niche market that we excel to such an extent that we have not yet been matched.” With nearly 15 years of existence, they bring sellers and buyers together in the food and beverage industry. “Although it doesn’t stop there for us. We do not go one step further, but really stand by our customers. We do this by, among other things, clear communication, solution-oriented thinking and acting, but above all by virtually unburdening our customers. Service is our top priority and we are publicly praised for it. Our main focus is therefore inherent to our success.”

Contributing to a circular industry
In addition to the passion they have for the business at Industrial Auctions, they also look beyond. Indeed, their core business carries sustainability. A second life for the machines to be auctioned. In today’s society where this is an indispensable concept, Industrial Auctions is proud to contribute to this together. Several companies joined this vision by assigning Industrial Auctions to their projects. This ranges with companies like FrieslandCampina, Nestlé, Homann, Refresco, Struik, Vion Food Group, Aryzta and many more but also the somewhat less known but equally appreciated names or traders.

Future vision
In the coming years, Jeroen looks forward to leading successful projects and expanding activities to new countries within Europe. His primary focus remains on ensuring the good health of Industrial Auctions. Jeroen explains: “We stick to who we are, what we do and what we stand for. A driven company with ditto employees, where we never compromise on quality and service.”
Should you want to know more about the company and their online auctions visit the website But you are also welcome at their office in Eindhoven, where the coffee is always ready.