For Those Who Love Sausages:The New 3-litre HTW Light-Duty Sausage Filler from F. DICK

For years, Friedr. Dick’s assortment has included manually operated tabletop sausage fillers in various sizes and designs for professionals as well as for home butchers with their own sausage production. For home chefs, hunters and BBQ fans, our light-duty sausage filler with a capacity of 3 litres is available starting immediately. For years now, making sausages at home has been an absolute trend and is drawing more and more enthusiasts. Increasingly, consumers want to know which ingredients go into their sausage and where they come from. With the handy 3-litre HTW from Friedr. Dick, everyone can now decide for themselves what goes into their sausages and try out different recipes.

The 3-litre version remains the same in function and quality as the other models from Friedr. Dick – the only change is the size. Filling and of course cleaning are very simple thanks to the removable cylinder. Thanks to the polished interior of the cylinder, the piston can be moved down smoothly.

The plastic piston is equipped with an air valve. Of course, the new compact light-duty sausage filler is also very easy to transport and can be easily fixed to a table as usual. A set of 3 different plastic filling tubes is already included in the basic equipment of the sausage filler.

Friedr. Dick is the only manufacturer worldwide to offer a complete range of knives, sharpening steels, ancillary items for chefs and butchers as well as meat processing machines and grinding machines. The long-standing tradition and experience of manufacturing products for chefs and butchers allow us to continuously develop innovative products. Input from customers, especially end-users and our own ideas are converted into high-quality products.