The product portfolio that TREIF presented at the Interpack show is characterized by automation and reduction of costs. The company that develops and produces industrial machines and line solutions for slicing food (e.g. meat, salami, ham) and automatic tray feeding of the slices as an important step for packaging showed machines for the ready-cut market.

The precision portion cutting machine FALCON hybrid slices meat products with and without bones e.g. chops, steaks to an exact weight or to a set thickness. The 4D camera system for measuring the products joins forces with top-speed computer technology which is the basis for yield-optimised slicing. Different software programs meet special requirements and make it possible to reach an obviously high output.

The portion cutting machine can be combined with tray feeder for automatic grouping and tray feeding. The Dynamic portion separation device moves upward briefly directly after slicing. The Dynamic portion separation guarantees the clean and precise depositing of the slices on the grouping belt. After the automatic grouping the packages are transported directly into the trays. Thanks to the capability to be integrated into automated production processes, an uninterrupted chilled and hygienic line is created. Less personal is needed which means less touching of the products. This increases the microbiological product hygiene many times over.

Less personal, more product hygiene – these are the advantages of state-of-the-art robot technology as well with which FALCON hybrid can also be combined (FALCON hybrid robotic). With up to 100 picks per minute, the robots ensure reliable sorting of the slices, e.g. into packages, and a smooth flow of the production process.

The industrial high speed slicer DIVIDER 880 is also a machine that can be combined with an automatic tray feeder. DIVIDER 880 stands for the new ECO SLICING with TREIF. ECO SLICING means reduction of energy costs and more protection of the environment because the product cooling can be reduced. Other slicing systems need idle cuts for gaining time for the transport of the slices. TREIF slicers do not need idle cuts. They therefore require fewer blade rotations for achieving the same output.


This protects the product during slicing and allows slicing at higher product temperatures which saves time for logistics and product cooling and therefore energy costs. For the special TREIF technology of continuous slicing without idle cuts TREIF received the SUCCESS innovation award 2013 from the state of Rhineland-Palatinate.

TREIF is also specialized in dicing. At the Interpack, the industrial dicer TWISAN was on display. With the appropriate equipment, the machine can be used for dicing fresh meat (e.g. for goulash, strips for gyros) but also for dicing blocks of frozen meat and frozen bulk material. Changing the equipment is easy and fast to handle. As frozen meat dicer TWISAN is ideal for IQF (individually quick frozen) production. TWISAN’s hygienic design is well thought out to the last detail so that the machine can easily be cleaned.