The food machinery manufacturer MAJA-Maschinenfabrik, located in the South-West of Germany, offers different types of fish skinning machines: beginning with the compact table skinner, through several manual fish skinning machines until the automatic conveyorized skinning machines for processing up to 10 tons of fish fillets per day.



MAJA’s speciality is salmon skinning: Leading processors all over the world use the patented MAJA deep-skinning system, which allows a yield increase of up to 3% for extremely economical salmon skinning.

The conveyorized skinning machine ESB 4434/2P for fresh and smoked premium salmon fillets is equipped with a special tooth roller. The MAJA patented deep-skinning system increases the yield, as only parts of the central brown fat layer are removed with the skin, whereas the precious red meat remains on the fillet to increase the yield. The height of skinning can be adjusted individually.

MAJA’s ESB/2 range is in daily use at worldwide leading salmon processors. The machine does not only produce an excellent skinning result with increased yield. Like all MAJA machines, this range too, is solid and stable in value, providing easy operation and quick cleaning.

For fully automatic in-line operation, MAJA recommends to use a cutting command. It guarantees the ideal start of the skinning process for avoiding any manual reworking, thus saving time and money.