Cutting System & Sausage Separator Line. REX Cutting System RSS 70. Maximum Cutting Performance – Precise Cutting Points

The REX cutting system RSS 70 is both flexible and universal; It is suitable as a stand-alone device as well as a variant in combination with the REX calibration system RKS 85. In doing so, the fully-automatic process after sausage twist is extremely efficient in terms of labour, providing a short term return on investment.

The three-edged sickle knife precisely separates the sausages at the twist section. This increases the cutting performance which is supported by the REX servo-drive. Whether natural or artificial sausage casings are used, the RSS 70 is always successful due to its extremely high cutting performance.

The smooth machine housing designed according to the typical REX hygiene design and made completely from stainless steel is easy to clean. The standard protective cover guarantees optimal protection of the control units during cleaning. The large touch-screen control is comfortable to operate and ensures simple programming.

The control can also be synchronised with the filling machine control. As a result, this facilitates the handling and monitoring of the overall plant in the “in-line” process. The feed and discharge belts, which can be easily adapted to the respective sausage casing calibre, ensure a secure guiding of the sausages into the cutting unit, whereby even the curved goods can be easily processed. Thanks to the newly developed electronic calibre adjustment that is optionally available, product changing is simplified and maximum process security guaranteed.

Features that characterise the RSS 70:
A design that surpasses all hygienic requirements
Suitable for “stand-alone operation” or “in-line” operation in conjunction with RKS 85
Very simple operation due to comfortable touch-screen control
Modern servo-drive concept for maximum cutting performance

Optional features:
Automatic calibre adjustment of the feed and discharge belts
Hold-down clamp for feed belt
“In line” connection to the RKS 85
Special voltage. 