TIPPER TIE brings into focus the benefits of its extensive portfolio of state-of-the-art clipping and packaging technologies at the IFFA trade fair in Frankfurt, Germany, May 7 – 12, 2016 (Hall 11.1, Stand C31/C41). Under the theme “Solutions that Work: The Customer Experience,” visitors will encounter not only new concepts in meat and poultry packaging, but discover through real customer success stories and testimonials how these innovations are delivering tangible value every day.

Processors seeking greater throughput beyond the capabilities of bench clippers or semi-automatic closure machines can look to the new TTSealH heat seal and clipping system. The result of years of product development experience, this precision-engineered machine for packaging pumpable products is compatible with the TIPPER TIE TT1512 and TT1815 automatic clipper models, and runs a variety of cost-effective roll stock films. Roll stock brings added versatility and critical operational benefits to automatic stuffing and clipping like longer production runs and less downtime.

Packaging of whole muscle meat products gets a complete makeover with the new TN4200. Its sizeable servo-powered breech compresses larger and longer cuts creating more consistent diameters for more even cooking for products like boneless hams, loins, steaks, and deli meats. Wiltshire ham producer, Tulip Limited of Boston, England, has experienced dramatic results with its TN4200 – from significant labor savings and capacity impact to a marked increase in slicing yield due to newfound product uniformity. Slicing yield at Tulip is further increased with TCN (Total Control Net) by UK-based TruNet Group. See live demos of the TN4200 with TCN at the TIPPER TIE stand.

Poultry processors wanting the premium look of shrink bags with secure clip closure can turn to the new TTBagS. Whole birds are fed manually into shrink bags opened by sensor-activated airflow. This is an ideal setup to support automated vacuum packaging systems like the TIPPER TIE Rota-Matic. It is also offered as a standalone bagging and clipping station by adding up to two hocking stations, vacuum nozzles and pump, and TIPPER TIE clippers.

Sausage producers will be drawn to game-changing SwiStick advanced suspension technology while processors interested in speed find a ‘must see’ machine in the SV4800, the world’s fastest spreading voider for U-clips. Completing the showcase, well-established TIPPER TIE clipper technology will be demonstrated with a full selection of semi-automatic and fully automatic clippers acknowledged for high quality, robust performance, and reliability.<