Uni-Food Technic has focused on addressing market demands for improved food safety in the development of a fresh fish slicer. The new system, designed to minimize the accumulation of bacteria, will be presented to the market at SPG 2016.

Low maintenance costs and a design that helps fish processors improve food safety have been the focus points in the development of a new fish slicer from Uni-Food Technic. “The slicer is the only one on the market based on round stainless steel pipes, which minimizes the accumulation of bacteria on the surfaces,” says Søren Lind Therkildsen, Sales and Marketing Manager, and continues: “Combined with an open design and the ability to easily dismantle all moveable parts for cleaning, the system sets new standards in terms of hygiene design.” Long-term precision The machine’s design also addresses another challenge facing fish processors: the need to consistently achieve the perfect cut while minimizing the time spent maintaining and adjusting equipment.

“Precision is key when cutting slices down to 2 mm to ensure a high quality end product that consumers will find attractive. Often operators experience that regular re-adjustments of the knife is necessary, which causes disrupting to the production. On the DL250, the knife is attached to two cylinders, one at either side, ensuring even pressure and a perfect, consistent cut over time, minimizing the need for maintenance,” says Søren Lind Therkildsen. The slicer will be introduced to the market at SPG 2016.

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Uni-food Technic A/S is a Danish developer and manufacturer of innovative processing equipment for salmon, white fish, mackerel and herring. Contact Søren Lind Therkildsen, Sales and Marketing Manager, telephone: +45 9677 4106,

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