Busy days for Frontmatec at IFFA 2019

Frontmatec were at IFFA for the first time and gained a lot of attention on its automation and integration theme, launching several revolutioning new solutions to the global meat industry.

Leading global supplier of equipment, solutions and software for the red meat industry, Frontmatec, participated at IFFA 2019 for the first time – and did so with a major impact.

Held every three years in Frankfurt, Germany, IFFA is the most important global trade fair for the international meat industry. It is the only trade fair in the world that covers all aspects of meat production and brings together companies from around the world to present their innovations and technologies.

Frontmatec greeted the global meat industry to its 645 m2 large stand during the 5 days from May 4th to 9th with an abundance of new innovative solutions under the theme Automation and Integration, bridging equipment solutions, data acquisition and utilization throughout the value chain from live animal handling to retail packing.

Several new exciting solutions were revealed as world premieres which gained a lot of interest from the industry who clearly see the potential in the new Frontmatec solutions. These new solutions include:
The world’s first cartridge powered captive bolt multistunning tool
Frontmatec Accles & Shelvoke – the world’s most popular cartridge stunner manufacturer, revealed the world’s first patented multi shot cartridge powered stunning tool. Using a 10 cartridge feed strip this revolutionizing multi stunner will greatly reduce loading time and increase operator efficiency while maintaining the highest level of animal welfare.

Individual carcass data
Frontmatec exhibited a complete installation of the new Beef Classification Center – BCC-3TM – the next generation of objective online grading system and yield prediction of beef carcasses. The BCC-3 makes a complete 3D image of the cattle carcass and based on advanced multi-view stereo imaging it grades in conformation and fat cover classes. Using sophisticated algorithms, the Frontmatec BCC3 image analysis enables yield predictors of primals and detailed information about commercial cuts. Information that allows the slaughterhouse to process each carcass for an optimal yield.

The world’s first robotic circular saw for cattle carcass splitting
Next to the Frontmatec AiRA Robotics Pig Dual Splitting Saw with back-finning, a prototype of the first ever developed cattle splitting robot with circular saw were on display. This fully functioning robot naturally created a stir and crowds filled the premises to see what was probably the largest working robot at the entire IFFA fair. There was naturally a lot of interest from the cattle processors who are keen to explore new automation concepts as current processes in beef plants in general are manual and labor intensive.

Continuous flow system for surface disinfection with UV
From ITEC Frontmatec Hygiene a new surface disinfection solution were on display. Developed in close cooperation with German based Peschl Ultraviolet,  this new innovative UV-C Tunnel utilises highly effective UV-C radiation, eliminating up to 99.99% of micro-organisms, making it an ideal solution in a wide range of continous flow applications such as packaging material disinfection, disinfection of packaged foods, raw sausage disinfection, disinfection lock, shipping crate disinfection, product disinfection and raw material disinfection.

Flexible hanging deboning
A complete hanging deboning line was on display to showcase the flexibility of the Frontmatec this new modular built hanging deboning concept for efficient and ergonomic deboning of pork leg or pork shoulder. The hanging deboning line is designed with grippers, that can rotate the product between the working stations, for optimal ergonomics for each operator. Several automatic and semi-automatic functions can be integrated as well as in-line tray conveyors, offering a fast and reliable intra logistic solution.

It’s all about data
Part of the Frontmatec stand was a complete Command Center for demonstrating the Frontmatec GOSystems software – a manufacturing execution system for managing production key performance indicators, such as yield, throughput, quality and labor efficiencies. Besides GOSystems, it was also possible to experience the Frontmatec S2 SCADA software – a great tool for increasing uptime and throughput through fast problem solving, localization of breakdowns and faults and preventive maintenance. 