Belarus Plans to Certify Seven More Meat Processing Plants and Three Poultry Plants for Export to China

Belarus plans to open seven more meat processing plants and three poultry plants for export to China.

“We are increasing our meat supply to China. In eight months, the supply volume reached $22 mln which is 37 times higher than in the same period of the last year. Overall, we exported 2.5 ths t of beef and 5.5 ths t of poultry. We are trying to increase the number of companies certified for exporting to Chinese market. We submitted applications for ten more plants, seven of which are meat processing plants and three poultry plants”, Alexey Bogdanov said.

At the upcoming China International Import Expo in Shanghai, we plan to sign protocols which will allow Belarus to ship by-products and poultry parts to China.

Belarus also continues to increase its supply of dairy products, flax fibre, various oils, flour, sugar and confectionery to China. “This market has a great potential. It can never support itself due to the large number of population and limited land resources. China is one of the most important trade and economic partners for us, and we plan to increase the supply of our products to this country. Last year, we exported agricultural products in the amount of $82 mln. This year, we intend to reach the supply volume of no less than $90 mln, and in 2020 – $100 mln”, Head of the Chief Foreign Economic Activities Department said.

Five Belarusian poultry plants were opened for export to China: ОАО “Dzerzhinsky” agricultural plant, ОАО “Vitebskaya Broiler Poultry Plant”, ОАО “Druzhba” poultry plant, SZAO “Servoluxe”, ОАО “Smolevichi Broiler”. Currently, ООО “Veles-Mit” and ОАО “Mogiliovsky Meat Plant” are certified to export beef to China. Recently, China certified seven Belarusian fish producers. The access to Chinese market was granted to SP “Santa-Bremor” ООО, ООО “Barentsevo”, ООО “Kamchatskaya Ryba”, ZAO “DG-Centre”, SООО “Vkus Ryby Plus”, ООО “Neofish” and CHPUP “15 Avenue”.