Anniversary Agroprodmash 2020 Exceeded Expectations

Agroprodmash is the first own exhibition of EXPOCENTRE to open the autumn season of 2020. It enjoyed great results.

According to the participants, the show was very successful and in many ways exceeded expectations. There were a lot of negotiations. Many companies generated sales leads and partners and signed contracts for equipment supply.

Agroprodmash 2020 welcomed both the world’s leading and well-known manufacturers and some new names. One of the most important features of the show is that it demonstrates equipment in action, which this year emphasizes the high status of Agroprodmash and the industry’s confidence in EXPOCENTRE.

A number of new products were shown for the first time. A lot of attention was paid to the current industry trends such as the improvement of safety of food production and finished products as well as the concept of unattended production of the future.

The exhibitors and visitors have called Agroprodmash 2020 very effective.

“To understand the value of the exhibition for the industry,” says Head of the Food Industry Exhibitions Division of EXPOCENTRE AO Tatiana Piskareva, “we usually estimate the ratio between the size of the exhibition area and the number of target visitors. Simply put, if there is one visitor for each square meter of the show, it will be evaluated as productive. In case of Agroprodmash 2020, this ratio is much higher than one. This is an excellent indicator, which is confirmed by the feedback from both exhibitors and visitors. The only regrets that we heard were from companies that did not dare and were afraid to participate.”

During the first days of the exhibition, when it became clear that it was running and was going to be a success, our managers started to receive calls and requests from those wishing to join and “to get in with any stand, even the smallest one”. But the Agroprodmash organisers do not practice such experiments. The showcase is nothing less than an ergonomic business space for all participants. You can’t simply insert anything you like in there. Many companies have learned it through their own bitter experience and now prefer to book their stands in advance.

Francesco Pensabene, Director at the ICE Moscow Representative Office:
– The decision to participate in Agroprodmash 2020 was carefully weighted. We understand that there are certain difficulties in the epidemic conditions. But on the other hand, we couldn’t help participating in such an important event for the food equipment industry as Agroprodmash. The efficiency of participation in Agroprodmash is proved by the facts. There are good prospects for cooperation between our countries in a number of sectors such as the fish processing industry, vegetable oil production, fine meat processing and vegetable growing. And in this context our cooperation with EXPOCENTRE is of particular importance.

Gennady Myndru, Director General at DLG RUS OOO:
– We see that the Germany pavilion has those German companies that have already managed to settle in the Russian market and mobilize their employees and partners to participate in this exhibition, which has not lost its attractiveness despite the difficulties caused by the pandemic. The joint showcase is an instrument of instrument of Germany to support its export. Next year, the German pavilion will at least reach the size of the last year, or even increase, considering what was missed this year due to the situation with the coronavirus. We have a positive outlook.

Mikhail Beresnev, Director General at BELCA PACKAGING RUSSIA:
– I have been working in the packaging business for a long time, and I know very well what Agroprodmash means for a seller and a potential customer. It is important for us that our potential customers see that the equipment presented here is of high quality, that we are able to provide highly qualified service and full support. That’s why we brought a packaging machine here. We came as a team with the technical service in full readiness. Our main target audience is here. This exhibition is the main event for us.

Denis Cheremnykh, Sales Director at Policon AO:
– For us the Agroprodmash exhibition is one of the major ones, central. We have not hesitated whether to participate or not. Out target audience is here. We have brought new equipment, including small sets for dairy companies, with which they can start producing ice cream. Agroprodmash is strong with its traditions. It brings together food producers not only from all over Russia. For us it is very valuable. Its quality is always at a high level. This year’s exhibition is very well organised in terms of safety measures.

Dmitry Khrestyanovsky, Director General at Anneliese Rus:
– I used to come to Agroprodmash as a visitor for a couple of years in order to see what it represents. As a result, I realized that this format was interesting for us. Last year we participated in it for the first time. Our expectations were met, and we were satisfied with the result. We came to the decision to participate this year, although, of course, all the recent events have made us worried.

Viktoria Govorova, K-Solutions:
– Thank you very much for your support and cooperation! Despite the circumstances which everybody knows about we are very happy that we haven’t cancelled our participation. All the best to you and see you in 2021. I wish the next year’s exhibition to be full not of masks but stands and smiles.

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Facts & Figures

The 25th edition of the International Exhibition for Equipment, Technologies, Raw Materials and Ingredients for the Food Processing Industry – Agroprodmash 2020 – took place at EXPOCENTRE Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russia, on 5–9 October 2020.

Agroprodmash is held by EXPOCENTRE AO with support of the Russian Ministry of Agriculture, the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, under auspices of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and with active assistance from relevant unions, associations and research institutes.
The exhibition showcases equipment and technologies for all steps of food production from production of raw materials and ingredients to production of finished goods, their packaging, quality control, cooling, storage, and logistics solutions.

Agroprodmash 2020 welcomed 366 companies from 19 countries: Belarus, Belgium, China, Czechia, Denmark, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, and the USA.

Companies from Germany and Italy participated within their respective national pavilions.

Manufacturers from almost all regions of Russia took part in the show: 173 Russian companies showed their developments.

Russian national group stands and pavilions brought together 51 companies in total from the Republic of Tatarstan, the Altai, Krasnodar and Stavropol Krais, and the Kaluga, Moscow, Samara, Tver, Vladimir and Voronezh Oblasts.

Companies from the Belgorod, Kaliningrad, Kursk, Rostov, Saratov and Tula Oblasts took part in the exhibition thanks to the assistance and financial support of their regional authorities.

Agroprodmash 2020 was attended by 10,093 professional visitors from 81 Russian regions and 49 countries. 

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We are looking forward to seeing you at Agroprodmash 2021 at EXPOCENTRE Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russia, on 4–8 October 2021!