An Industrial Park for Deep Processing of Lamb to be Built in Dagestan

According to “AgroXXI” portal, in Nogaysky District of Dagestan, an industrial park “Nogayprom” will be built near the pastures for small cattle, which will consist of several lamb production centers.

Gaji Sultanov, acting minister of Economy and Territorial Development of the Republic, said that it was an economically viable decision. Building meat processing centers near the pastures will prevent sheep from losing weight during long cattle drives of dozens of kilometres.

The construction of the industrial park will eliminate the export of live sheep in favour of value added production. Sultanov said that Dagestan has enough livestock resources to supply lamb to Iran and Kuwait and maybe to Saudi Arabia, eventually. By the end of 2019, the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Dagestan intends to increase 1.5 times the export of lamb to Iran: from four to five-six thousand tonnes.

Source: «Мясной Эксперт»