An Impressive Blade and Tremendous Sharpness for Real Daredevils! The “AJAX” Chef’s Knife from the 1905 Series is Honoured with the “Kitchen Innovation of the Year® 2020” Consumer Award as Well as the “Golden Award”

Friedr. Dick has created an impressive chef’s knife with the AJAX chef’s knife from the forged 1905 design series that not only makes men’s hearts beat faster. The AJAX chef’s knife was able to inspire both the panel of experts and the consumers with an above-average overall performance in the unique evaluation procedure for the “Kitchen Innovation” award. Quality, functionality and material quality coupled with an attractive design and product features that consumers expect – the AJAX was able to impress with these qualities. The AJAX chef’s knife also received a very special and coveted award: the “Golden Award – Best of the Best“ for the most popular product with the highest overall rating in the respective category.
The AJAX chef’s knife will give you an appetite for cooking and grilling like no other knife. The impressive 22 cm long blade glides through meat like a knife through butter and continues even when it encounters small bones. Whether meat, poultry, fruit or vegetables – the AJAX is a real all-rounder. The knife’s curved cutting edge makes rocking cuts easy, enabling raw fish and meat but also herbs to be cut effortlessly. The knife can be hung up and therefore safely stowed away thanks to the practical hole in the knife blade.

This special AJAX knife owes its name to the Greek hero of the Trojan War. When developing this unique blade, it was modeled on an over 100 year old cleaver that Friedr. Dick had in its product range for butchers and meat traders at that time. This traditional shape together with the modern design and top quality will win you over: the special weight, superior sharpness and high-quality craftsmanship will impress as soon as you start working with the knife.

The 1905 series combines a historic design with state-of-the-art production technology and continues to captivate with its exceptional appearance. As the name suggests, this special knife series dates back to the year 1905. Friedr. Dick developed a timelessly modern chef’s knife series with solid collars back then, replacing the traditional riveted handle that had been previously used up until that point.

The new AJAX chef’s knife will be available from specialist retailers.

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