Agroprodmash 2018. The 23rd International Exhibition for Equipment, Technologies, Raw Materials and Ingredients for the Food Processing Industry

Agroprodmash was well-organized and ran successfully. The show enabled the industry professionals to see the latest developments of Russian and foreign manufacturers for the whole chain of production of various foodstuffs and beverages. 19 thematic salons provided full insight into the current state of the food processing industry in Russia and globally. Many of them have increased greatly and featured the latest innovative technologies and new market participants.

Dates: 8–12 October 2018
Venue: Expocentre Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russia
Organized by Expocentre AO
Supported by the Russian Ministry of Agriculture, the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade
Auspices of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Participation of Russia’s leading industry associations
Labels: UFI, RUEF, Russia’s best exhibition in the category ‘Food Industry, Equipment and Ingredients’ in all nominations according to the Russian National Exhibition Rating
Exhibition area: 61,655 sq m
Exhibitors: 870 companies (+8% compared to 2017)
Russian exhibitors: 470 with 160+ stands
Total attendance: 24,500+ professionals from 76 countries and 85 regions of Russia
Countries: 37 (Australia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Tajikistan, Turkey, the UK, Ukraine, the USA)
International pavilions: Belgium, China, Denmark, Germany, Italy.
Group stands of Voronezh, Chelyabinsk, Tver, Tula, Kirov regions and Stavropol area.

Types of products on display: equipment and technologies for processing of meat, poultry, milk, cheese; equipment for fish and seafood processing; equipment for production of alcoholic and soft drinks; equipment for fruit and vegetable processing; ingredients, additives, spices, casings; production and application technology; equipment for ingredients and food additives production; packaging equipment and materials; weighing equipment; test and analytical equipment; refrigeration equipment; warehouse and production logistics; occupational sanitation, cleaning equipment, detergents; commercial flooring; components, machinery and materials for food production; IT, software, end-to-end solutions and services for the food processing industry; food production safety, equipment for quality inspection; agricultural equipment, animal agriculture and fodder production, etc.


Many leading manufacturers showcased the best technical premieres that have never been demonstrated in Russia before.

Another notable trend was a growing interest in automated and robotic systems presented in different sections: technologies for slaughtering and meat processing, equipment for dairy production, confectionery production, packaging, warehouse systems, etc. These innovations testify to the target upgrade of the Russian production facilities.

Agroprodmash 2018 was focused on the development of such trends as environmental friendliness and healthy lifestyle.

Show Highlights

1. The Salon of Equipment for Meat Processing is the largest showcase with 181 exhibitors from 19 countries. Austrian and German companies were well-represented at the show. Dutch manufacturers and suppliers of equipment were much more active this year. Companies from Sweden, Italy and Belarus have increased their exhibition space. Russian companies, such as Kaluga Production, Mastera Myasnogo Dela, Myasorub Group, Meat Olimp, Efremov Institute of Electrophysical Apparatus, Saratovskiy Zavod Pishchevogo Mashinostroeniya (Saratov Plant of Food Machinery), and Jupiter made their debut at Agroprodmash 2018. Market leaders in poultry breeding and processing from the Netherlands (CHORE-Time Europe B.V.), Belgium (ROXELL) and Ukraine (Meat Tech Private Enterprise) were also newcomers to the show. Most of equipment manufacturers and providers of slaughtering solutions placed special emphasis on highly effective concepts of processing and the latest robotic cutting technologies.

2. The Confectionary, Bakery and Pasta Technology Salon has increased by almost a third compared to 2017. New solutions were showcased by 131 companies from China, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Russia, Switzerland, Turkey and the UK.

3. The Salon of Food Safety. Quality Control. Occupational Sanitation and Hygiene enjoys popularity due to quality audience of exhibitors. The Salon reflects the main trends in modern production which are to preserve the world and transform manufacturing. The participants offered cost-effective solutions thanks to more efficient washing and hygiene at the enterprises, which in turn allow reducing waste, water consumption and electricity. The important topics of the Salon were wastewater disinfection and waste management. A new and promising topic is antimicrobial treatment of foodstuffs using accelerated electrons.

4. The Salon of Ingredients, Additives and Spices has accommodated 110 companies from 26 countries. The range of ingredients has enlarged: 55 companies offered solutions for dairy companies, 37 ingredients for production of beverages, 50 for bakery and confectionery production. Customers pay much attention to low calorie products with food fibers, seeds and artificial sweeteners, salt, monosodium glutamate and products with protein which are added not only to meat products but also dairy, pastry and bakery. The most relevant trends include application of superfood of the next generation (goji berries, spirulina, pine nuts, flax seeds, stevia, etc.), and development of vegetarian products.
The IngredientsTech section made its debut at Agroprodmash 2018. It featured equipment for production of ingredients, additives, spices, and herbs. The new section was represented by 24 companies.

5. The Salon of Equipment for Dairy and Cheese Production together with the salons of Equipment and Technology for Production and Bottling of Liquid and Viscous Food and Beverages and Tanks and Vessels featured 130 companies from 21 countries. The participants gave answers to the most challenging industry issues, such as reducing production cost of final products, improved production efficiency; equipment and technology upgrade and, as a result, increase in competitiveness.

6. The Salons of Equipment for Fruit and Vegetable Processing and Equipment for Canned Food Production brought together 69 exhibitors. The Salons were popular with professionals in connection with the development of greenhouses and orchards.

7. The Rybpromresurs Salon devoted to fishing, processing, packaging and delivery of fish products included over 100 companies from China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland. At the Presentation Area the visitors learned about state-of-the-art technologies for fish processing, comprehensive solutions for sanitation and hygiene in the fish processing industry, advantages of Russian-made equipment for fish processing.

8. The Salon of Packaging Solutions and Equipment was the most spectacular and colourful. It brought together 130 companies from 18 countries which put on display modern packaging materials, machines and the whole packing lines. The Salon was rich in new products from the UK, Italy, Japan, and Russia. The suppliers of packaging solutions saw professionals’ interest in new materials made of renewable resources, biodegradable polymers and secondary plastics, thermoformed paper packaging, etc.

9. The Salon of Refrigeration and Climate Control Equipment has brought together 41 companies from 6 countries. The Salon newcomers were 11 Russian manufacturers of refrigerating equipment, chillers, industrial fans and sandwich panels, among them Tehnologii Holoda (Republic of Tatarstan), Reftec, Cold Energy, Kriotek Engineering Design Company (St. Petersburg), Tehnofrost, Tehnoholod Master, ProfHolod (Moscow Region).

10. In the Agroprodmash-Complect Salon particular attention was paid to production and sale of pumps and pumping equipment, consultation on maintenance, choice and installation of special purpose equipment as well as engineering services.

Apart from the above-mentioned salons, the Agroprodmash participants also proposed solutions for automation of food facilities, storage, logistics, transportation, commercial flooring covering, IT and software. They showcased equipment for processing of raw materials and food production for small farms and vegetable stores.

Supporting Events (52)

A number of important events were organized by Imperia Congress and Exhibition Company with the support by Expocentre AO General Partner.

  • The Russian Business Forum on Strategic Challenges of Agribusiness 2019: Investments, Digital Technology, Efficiency Improvement. The participants were CEOs of agribusinesses, government officials, qualified experts, and journalists. They discussed key trends in the development of the Russian agribusiness in the near future, government support and implementation of digital technologies into agribusiness. The Forum featured a Seminar on Lean Manufacturing: Maximum Efficiency at Minimum Costs.
  • The 3rd Russian Forum on Bakery and Confectionery Industry “Bread Business”. The participants discussed the most important issues of the bread-making market which was undergoing changes caused by market conditions and economic difficulties in the country.
    The 13th Russian Forum on Innovative Technologies and Equipment in the Dairy Industry devoted to the challenges of the dairy industry and its financial situation.
  • Discussion on Front-of-Package and Claim Labeling: Regulations, Trends and Innovations was devoted to the enforcement of Russian and EEU legal acts regarding the requirements for labeling of food and key trends and innovations in the Ingredients section for CLAIM Labeling of different group products.
  • Food Technologist School. ProIngredients was organized by the Food Ingredients Producers Union for the first time. A three-day advanced training in the field of ingredient application and legal regulation was designed for food technologists.
    The 5thRussian Meeting of Leading HR Directors of the Russian Agribusiness was first held within the Agroprodmash exhibition. The participants discussed the best practices of personnel management and development.
  • The Dairy News’ Sales School
    The 8thInternational Meat Congress organized by Gorbatov Russian Meat Research Institute. The participants considered different ways of counterfeiting which included use of undeclared additives, assortment and information forgery.
  • The 5th Russian Meeting of Owners and Top Executives of Meat Enterprises was devoted to traditional meat processing that was rapidly losing its market share and to the search of relevant specializations.
  • The 2nd Forum on Food Machine Building organized by the Rosspetsmash Association and supported by the Russian Ministry of Industry and
  • Trade and Expocentre AO. The Forum plenary meeting was devoted to the development strategy of food engineering in the country.
  • The 1st Conference on Poultry Processing: Integrated Approach to Food Safety featured discussions on global trends in food biosafety, new poultry processing technologies, health factors that influence quality and safety of food products.
  • The 5th annual Conference on the Latest Technologies and Equipment for Fruit and Vegetable Processing organized by Expocentre AO and FruitNews information portal, etc.
  • The Expocentre for Counterfeit-Free Exhibitions project aimed at minimizing counterfeit products showcased at exhibitions was carried out again.
  • The Employment Centre was attended by 300+ job seekers. This year major companies actively announced vacancies. There was demand not only for skilled professionals but also for graduate students. The trend has continued over the past six years. We can also witness demand for chemical engineers, microbiologists and service engineers. There is good news for employers: the number of professionals who are ready to move from region to region for the sake of interesting tasks, prospects for growth and development is growing.
    The Consultation Centre for Refrigeration Technologies. The Rossouyzkholodprom experts held 150 consultations on energy efficiency, standardization, and innovative technologies in the refrigeration industry with regard to agribusiness challenges.
    Shkola Shokolada featured workshops on making European pastry, desserts and caramel.
    Show Competition for the Best Meat Boner Award has brought a big audience of supporters.

“Agroprodmash is a central platform, with great recognition in Russia and abroad, to demonstrate equipment, technologies and services for all sectors of the food processing industry.”
Aleksandr Morozov, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation

“Agroprodmash is a leading event not only in our country but also in the neighboring countries enabling its participants to see the latest technologies, suppliers of state-of-the-art equipment for production of food that meets the highest standards and challenges of our market.”
Andrey Razin, Minister of Agriculture and Food of the Moscow region

“We are impressed with the exhibition scope. All pavilions are occupied. An increasing number of our production engineers develop many ranges of competitive products using Russian-made raw materials from scratch. The interest in Agroprodmash is growing. Agroprodmash stimulates maintaining of high quality of products. We should learn at such trade shows.”
Vladimir Kashin, Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Agriculture

“In my opinion, Agroprodmash is a very important event since its participants are those who boost the economy of Russia, those who make products, supply and sell them. The whole product supply chain is presented from production, processing, logistics to retail. It is the backbone of any economy.”
Dmitry Potapenko, Ombudsman for Entrepreneurs

The next 24th edition of Agroprodmash will run at Expocentre Fairgrounds on 7–11 October 2019.

PressService, Expocentre AO