During this year`s Agroprodmash taking place in Moscow, October 6—10, 2014 some of the most innovative Seydelmann machines will be exhibited. At the booth FD 090 in the Forum, Seydelmann representatives will be providing qualified consulting for interested visitors.

The Vacuum-Cooking-Cutter K 504 AC-8 with a 500 liters bowl content is perfectly suited for the industrial production of best quality meat products. The extremely fast knives extract very high protein amounts, creating finest emulsions. The vacuum function offers additional advantages, the significantly extended shelf-life due to oxygen exclusion being among the most important ones. Furthermore, the binding of the sausage emulsion is significantly increased due to an even larger protein extraction, allowing a greater addition of ice and water. More taste carrying substances are extracted from the meat as well and, thus, less spices are needed. The Auto-Command, available in different versions, is a Windows-based recipe control and allows automated processing according to pre-determined values. It guarantees an optimal execution of the extensive work processes of a high performance Cutter.

Emulsifier KK 250 AC-6

Universal Grinder AU 200 U

Vacuum-Cooking-Cutter K 504 with Auto-Command 4000

Vacuum-Mixer VMR 1800


The newly developed Universal Grinder AU 200 U effortlessly reduces fresh and cooked meat, rinds, blocks of fat as well as frozen meat blocks down to -25 °C without changing the working worm or cutting set. The drives of the specially equipped six-speed working worm and the four-speed feeding worm are run separately. The speeds can be pre-set steplessly via the Command 500 W control system. Thus, faster speeds can be chosen for fresh meat and slower speeds for deep-frozen blocks of meat, any product can be fed and processed with the ideal speed. This guarantees the best possible cross-section cut and a very efficient throughput. Due to the frequency converter current peaks are omitted, which saves energy costs up to 25 %.

The unique cutting system of the Emulsifier KK 250 AC-6 guarantees steady highest quality emulsions. The premixed product is emulsified by being sucked through a series of vertically ordered hole- and cutting plates. Situated within minimal distance from one another yet without any actual contact, the plates do not rub against each other. Thus, contamination of the material through metal particles is completely avoided only in Seydelmann Emulsifiers. The degree of fineness of the emulsion is determined by the number and size of holes in the hole- and cutting plates as well as the adjustable rotating speed. Due to the vertical adjustment the cutting set can be changed easily.

The Vacuum-Mixer VMR 1800 is the ideal machine for mixing and standardizing source materials with spices and other additives. The machine is equipped with two strong mixing shafts that can be switched independently forward and backward, at fast and slow speeds. In connection with the innovative shape of the mixing paddles every material is being optimally mixed at low temperature. The optionally available cooling function secures optimal processing temperatures for every product and increases the profitability of production. The material is cooled to the desired temperature via nozzels in the hopper bottom through which carbon dioxide (CO2) and/or liquid nitrogen (LN2) are injected. Another cooling possibility is adding CO2-snow via snow horns in the machine lid.

All Seydelmann machines for the industrial sector, can be integrated into production lines for a largely continuous and automated food manufacture. The company offers precisely customized automation solutions. Built according to highest hygienic and security standards Seydelmann machines are extremely safe and easy to clean. The machine frame is made of thick-walled, massive, stainless steel. All surfaces are rounded, polished with high precision and designed with a slope, so that water and detergents can drain easily. All covers are embedded in the machine frame so that water or detergents cannot enter the machine and cleaning with high pressure steam is possible. The construction makes the machines extremely robust and long-lived.