Group ”Agro-Belogore” invests in construction of five new pig farms and the feed- milling establishment for 9.7 billion roubles. The project will increase the capacity of the holding for the production of pork from the current 163 thousand tonnes to 217 thousand tonnes. The complex project involves the construction of a new farm, the four commodity pig farms, a feed – milling establishment and a grain elevator for storing grain. The construction sites have already started. Some agrarian work has begun on some platforms since the autumn last year. 

Two pig-breeding platforms will be located in Borisovska area and three others in Belgorod, Grajvoronski and Ivnyanski areas of Belgorod district. The first construction site is planned to be put in operation in December 2016. The others will start in turn during 2017. All complexes can go to their production capacity in 2018. Their total annual production volume will amount to almost 54 thousand tonnes of pork meat in live weight. This would increase the holding capacity from the current 163 to 217 thousand tonnes.  A new breeding farm will provide complexes with livestock breeding. Forage supplies will be provided by a fodder plant with a capacity of 210 thousand tonnes per year and a grain elevator for 60 thousand tonnes of grain storage, which will be built in Yakovlevsky district near the current meat processing plant Agro-Belogore. 

The total investment cost of the project is 9.7 bln roubles. Private financial resources (20%) and loans of Sberbank of Russia (80%) will be used in the funding. The credit committee of the bank in December approved the allocation of funds for the implementation of the investment program. The pay-off period from the pig farms will last on average a little more than 6 years and from the feed – mill establishment more than 9 years. The project will create 930 new jobs with an average salary of more than 30 thousand roubles. Almost 375 million roubles will increase the tax payments of Agro-Belogore in the budgets of all levels (more than 2 billion roubles in 2014).

Source: Press Service of LLC “GC Agro-Belogorie”