A/S Dybvad Stal Industri and Erlinord A/S Change Their Names to DSI Freezing Solutions A/S

As of today, following the successful integration of Erlinord A/S with A/S Dybvad Stål Industri, the company introduces a new name together with a visual identity to match our ambitious growth strategy.

The new name and visual identity are the results of a comprehensive strategic process to prepare the company for international growth and to support the company’s position as an internationDSI Freezing Solutionsal market leader.

After A/S Dybvad Stål Industri’s acquisition of Erlinord A/S, two well-recognised market leaders have merged into one strong and ambitious company. The new name and visual identity mark the beginning of a journey towards further internationalization and increased focus on specific customer applications.

– The new name and visual identity reflect our strong performance, our delivery of high quality, and the dedication to plate freezing and handling systems that we’ve built over many years. It also supports our strategic focus to increase our knowledge on specific customer applications and to obtain a stronger global footprint, says Lars Priess, CEO at DSI Freezing Solutions A/S.

Acquisition and increased internationalisation
The acquisition of DSI’s long-term partner for handling solutions, Erlinord, in 2017 underlined the growing demand for a common internationally recognisable name and a visual identity able to embrace the strategic ambitions of the company.

As such, the new visual identity is designed to express and support a common direction across application areas and geography. The design is modern, stylistically consistent and sharp. It reflects a contemporary and effective manufacturing company as well as a professional advisor and business partner.

The new visual identity includes a redesigned logo as well as a graphic line across brand touchpoints such as web site, presentation material and exhibition design.

A strategic manifestation
The new name and visual identity will not only represent a new marketing focus. It also manifests the strategic ambitions of being a strong global partner for our customers. A partner that provides even better service – in terms of an increased understanding of key customer application areas as well as enhanced global customer proximity.

– Even though we have made significant changes to our strategy, the strong values and ideas on which the company was built will remain unchanged – particularly in relation to our very high-quality standards and our strong dedication to customers, Lars Priess says.