5 Reasons Why Participating in an Online Auction from Industrial Auctions is a Good Idea!

Industrial Auctions is your partner in your search for a food or beverage machine to suit your business. Cutters, slicers, grinders, injectors, vacuum fillers, clippers, packaging machines, ovens, pumps, stoves, refrigerators, multihead weighers, metal detectors, and many more you can find on their auctions.

There are plenty of reasons why you should participate in the online auctions of Industrial Auctions. First of all, the fun aspect of an auction is a reason in itself to participate. The advantage of an auction is the fact that you always have control over the amount you spend. You can set your upper limit and if you are a bit lucky, you will win the lot within the amount you specified. This way you will save money compared to buying a brand new machine.

Second, the auctions of Industrial Auctions take place on their online platform. This allows participation from anywhere in the world, reducing travel time. Furthermore, you can participate in your own comfortable environment, which may contribute to more rational decisions. In a real life online auction, things may get heated which can cause people to make rash decisions.

A third advantage of the online auctions of Industrial Auctions is the fact that they offer combinations. When machines belong together the company includes them in a combination. This gives you the opportunity to buy a complete production line with just one bid. An advantage is that these machines have been in production together before, so you can be sure that the machines are well matched.

Another advantage of participating in the auctions of Industrial Auctions is their expert knowledge about the industry. The company has in depth knowledge about the food and beverage machines that are offered on their website. They can answer all your questions and ensure that the information on the website is as complete as possible.

This expert knowledge makes them familiar in the industry which brings us to the fifth advantage that will be highlighted in this article. Industrial Auctions’ expertise and large network in the industry ensures that they can help their customers wherever is needed. They can, at extra costs, arrange the complete process from dismantling to transport. Besides these five highlighted above, there are many more, such as the cost and time effectiveness. Visit the website of Industrial Auctions, get familiar and experience their amazing offer and service for yourself!

Special auction at former Homann Feinkost GmbH production site

At the moment, the company has a full agenda with many interesting auctions. One of these auctions is extra special as it will last no less than four days. All machinery and inventory of the former production site of Homann Feinkost GmbH is offered here! The auction is organized on behalf of Progressu GmbH at former production site of Homann Feinkost GmbH in Dissen am Teutoburger Wald (DE).

Given the large number of lots, the auction is divided by factory. On day 1, the factory formerly used for salad production will be auctioned. Here you will find dicers, slicers, dosing systems, cooling compressors, screw compressors, cup filling machines and much more. The factory formerly used for the production of dressings will be auctioned on day 2. Amongst other things, in this factory you will find sauce processing machines, a bottle filling line and a palletizing installation. On day 3, the factory formerly used for the production of special salads will be auctioned. Cooling installations, packaging lines, and a potato washing, peeling and cutting line will be offered on this auction. The auction on day 4 consists of several factories. For instance, the factory previously used for packaging, storage and logistics will be auctioned. In addition, the complete inventory of the workshop and laboratory will also be offered at this auction.

All in all, a big project with thousands of interesting lots for the food and beverage industry. These auctions are closing on the 27th and 28th of February and the 1st and 2nd of March.

To get to know the company and view its total offering, please visit www.Industrial-Auctions.com.