2023 Poultry Global Market Outlook and Consumer Trends Highlighted at the Poultry Market Intelligence Forum at IPPE

“There have been many changes in the last couple of years in the poultry industry, like avian influenza and the war in Ukraine, which has had great impact,” said Nan-Dirk Mulder, senior global specialist animal protein with Rabobank, during his “Global Poultry Market Outlook 2023” presentation. He spoke at the Poultry Market Intelligence Forum, sponsored by USPOULTRY, and held at the 2023 International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE).

Mulder noted that for the general market outlook for 2023, the focus will shift to the operational side. He remarked that poultry and eggs are the winning protein, and consumers are trading down from meat. He also discussed major supply challenges for 2023, such as input costs, distribution, labor and avian influenza.


For the global chicken market outlook for 2023, Mulder commented that there would be ongoing tight conditions and more global trade opportunities. For the global egg market outlook, he stated that egg demand will remain strong, as it is the cheapest protein. However, avian influenza, high feed costs and market uncertainty will have a big impact on supply in 2023.

During his presentation on “The Modern Consumer: Understanding and Influencing in 2023 and Beyond,” Steve Lerch, president of Story Arc Consulting, mentioned that the industry needs to observe the modern consumer to understand how they think, what they are interested in, and how to sell to them. He said that the industry needs to follow and embrace trends, care about what the consumer cares about, and cut through the noise. He discussed various online tools that can assist in learning about the latest trends and recommended that companies promote the one thing for which they are the best.

Christian Richter, principal with The Policy Group, provided a Washington Outlook update. He looked back at the impact of the November elections, as well as discussed the divided Congress, selected priorities of the White House and upcoming 2024 elections. Richter stated, “It is way too early to make predictions.”