The fish processing plant in Ishim will begin its work in August. The decoration of the premises is finished and the installation of the equipment began. The Mayor Fedor Shishkin inspected the preparation progress for issuing the building. The head of the municipality inspected the premises of the plant and together with the representatives of the gas company helped in solving the question of its gas supply.

The realization of this investment project was launched in November 2014. Individual entrepreneur Andrew Yurenyuk received a special-purpose loan in the amount of 20 million rubles. The entrepreneur invested another 15.5 millions  in the production process from his own funds.

After commissioning, the company will employ about 20 local citizens. At the initial stage, the fish processing plant will produce up to 5 tonnes of finished products per month, the volume will be increased further up to 25-30 tonnes. Negotiations with suppliers of fish products from Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk and Tyumen are going at the moment.

The management of the enterprise is planning to dry, salt and smoke pink (humpback) salmon, chum (keta) salmon, herring. Ovens, saws, tables and vacuum machines are purchased and delivered to Ishim for this purpose. The acquisition of an apparatus for manufacturing preserved products is also planned here.

According to Andrey Yurenyuk, fish from fresh sources will be prepared in the future, especially local crucian. The grand opening of the fish processing industrial complex is planned in the middle of August.

Feodor Shishkin praised the progress of the project work. He noted that the city is open to all investors and is ready to thoroughly consider each investment project.

“The opening of this production plant is an additional source of revenue for the city budget and a favourable factor to reduce the level of unemployment,” accentuated Fedor Shishkin.

“It should be noted that 33 investment projects worth 1 billion 545 million rubles are in progress in Ishim and they will create about 500 jobs,” informs the administration of Ishim.

Source: www.fishretail.ru