“Over the past five years in Uzbekistan, the number of cattle has increased by 121 per cent, sheep – 120 per cent, poultry – 1.5 times,” has been stated by the Head of Department of The Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources – Mr. Sobir Mavlonov at a press-conference in Tashkent.

According to him, it has provided a rise in meat production by 130 per cent, milk-138, eggs – 162 per cent. In the year 2014, the annual consumption of meat, milk and eggs per capita increased respectively in 1.3, 1.6 and 1.5 times as compared to the year 1990.

“The share of animal husbandry accounts for 42 per cent of total agricultural production. This has been achieved by increasing livestock and livestock productivity in general. For example, about 46 thousand purebred cows from countries such as Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Austria, Germany and  Holland were brought from 2006 till 2014. 163 thousands calves were received from them. One cow in a breeding farm gives 20—30 litres of milk per day. In order to expand the service network of affiliates, small holdings and private farms, 845 veterinary divisions were organized during 2006—2015, thereby increasing their total number to 2613,” Uzbekistan National News Agency quoted Ms. Mavlonova.

In his view, continuous attention has been given to the development of poultry and fish farming, as well as beekeeping in our country. 1,280 poultry farms has been operating since January 1st, 2015. There are more than 10.5 million birds in almost 60 large poultry farms.

“In order to develop fish farming this year, other 700 specialized farms are planned to be organized and they will create over 2,200 new jobs. Currently, there are 9448 subjects involved in beekeeping. As compared to 2011 their number increased by 135 per cent and the number of hives – to 168.3 per cent,” concluded the representative of the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Management of the Republic.