The Poultry Production Will Be Restored in the Don Region

The local authorities plan a large-scale revival of the production of poultry, including duck meat.

“” reports that the regional government discussed the revival of poultry production at “Belaya Ptitsa” plant. The local authorities discuss two options of the production restart: the first one is attracting a profile investor who will be able to settle the debts of the previous owners buying them off from the creditor banks; and the second one is selling the whole property at an auction. They believe that even in this case it will be easy to restart the production because the plant is in good technical condition.

Moreover, “Taganrogskaya” poultry plant will begin working again this spring. This plant temporarily ceased operations last year due to avian influenza. It is estimated that they will start producing chicken eggs in August. Currently, the poultry plant is restoring its parent stock.

The local authorities of the Don region also plan to restore the duck meat production at “Novye Utinye Fermy” farms that belong to the “Damate” holding group. The owners intend to increase the duck commercial herds three times, reaching 1 mln ducks by October 2021. The feed-milling plant and the meat-processing plant already started working again. The latter will reach its planned capacity of 20,000 tonnes of meat in 2022.

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