Ishida Europe has launched an X-ray model capable of detecting even the smallest bones in meat and poultry. The new system provides an ideal quality check for manufacturers producing meat fillets and boneless chicken pieces.

Officially introduced by Ishida at Interpack in May, the Ishida IX-G2-4027-H uses advanced dual energy technology to easily distinguish contaminants from the product, even in the most difficult applications. It is particularly appropriate for foods where the density of the product and the potential contamination is similar, for example the bone and meat of a chicken which have almost the same density.

Machine setup is fully automatic to ensure that the highest levels of detection are reached. This allows the IX-G2 to identify difficult to detect contaminants with a high degree of accuracy at fast throughput rates, using image data analysis over a number of inspections.

Вилочковая кость. Wish Bone. / Реберная кость.  Rib Bone. / Кость крыла. Fan Bone. 

X-RAY System  detects  smallest bones in meat and poultry.  

Рентген-контроль Ishida  способен обнаружить ненужный костный остаток в филе мяса и птицы. 

As it is common in food production that similar contamination incidents recur, data logging can help to build up a more precise calibration protocol with each inspection. This enables permanent or recurring defects to be more easily identified and their location in the pack pinpointed.

The IX-G2 can also be used for products that are overlapped in a pack or bag, where a possible contaminant may be obscured by product pieces, such as in bags of frozen chicken nuggets or sausages, fresh or frozen vegetables and cereals.

In addition, the dual energy model offers many of the other capabilities of Ishida X-ray inspection systems such as identifying missing pieces and product or pack deformation, and weight estimation.

Food inspected is not affected by radiation and therefore not subject to compulsory labelling. The IX-G2’s user-friendly stainless steel design facilitates easy cleaning. The machine’s belt conveyors can be removed and replaced without tools.

Ishida IX models offer easy operation via a simple-to-use 17” colour touch screen.  Features such as the sensitivity of the inspection process can be adjusted at the touch of a button while up to 100 product settings allow fast changeovers.