Transforming the Way the World Processes Meat

Since the founding of METALQUIMIA in the year 1971, our company has always aspired to transform the way the world processes meat. First there were the hydraulic spray injectors and the “cook in” technologies which, combined with the computerized gentle/energetic massaging reactors and the first whole-muscle stuffers, enabled meat processors to access cooked meat products never seen before.Later, the marinating technologies devised by METALQUIMIA allowed for industrializing said process and dramatically increasing the market value of fresh meats. More recently, the QDS (Quick Dry Slice) technology has led to the emergence of METALQUIMIA in the cured meat products sector with a breakthrough technology that is already changing paradigms in the global meat industry.

All these technologies that, without doubt, have marked a before and after in the way meat is processed, first saw the light of day at IFFA in Frankfurt, the Fair par excellence of the world meat industry, the Expo where technology, processes and the market join hands and, walking together, make the industry’s future come true.

Today, with a horizon full of provocative and exciting challenges (economic, energy, environmental, sustainability) the meat protein business needs, more than ever, leaders and benchmarks that enable it to tackle the future with intelligent optimism. With this mindset, METALQUIMIA returns to AGROPRODMASH with renewed enthusiasm to present new machinery and new technologies equipped to reinvent processes, advance new products and generate new Business Models … in short, today we offer our customers in the global meat industry new concepts capable of increasing their business bases and their value propositions, and always, as we have done before, aspiring to transform the way the world processes meat.

Josep Lagares | General Manager, METALQUIMIA, SA