Supervac Presented Some New Machines to the Public at the Anuga Foodtec Trade Fair in Cologne

Fully automatic vacuum packing
This new development met with great interest on the part of our international visitors. Until now, customers have had to choose between vacuum packaging that can be flexibly adjusted to different sizes but uses a filling and loading process that involves manual work, or staying with standardized packaging sizes in an automated process. This new development from Supervac means that it is now possible for the first time to combine these features: flexible packaging sizes in a continuous and fully automatic filling and loading process!

Why are many customers so keen on automation? These days, there are many reasons: first of all, it is about reducing the number of personnel carrying out monotonous
work. This saves money by cutting the number of operators that have to be available, especially during expensive periods such as night work or overtime. It is also a problem for many companies to find – and keep – suitable personnel. Most of our customers complain about constant staff turnover, which involves continuous training or the risk of having insufficiently trained operators. But it’s also about gaining flexibility at peak times, because with an automated plant that requires little manpower, it’s easier to adapt production to fit the company’s order book – in both good times and bad. And, at the end of the day, when automation is used properly the hygiene levels are better and the production process is continuous.

We make it easy for our customers! Our automation solutions are based on our standard well-proven machines. When the customer desires it, the sub-processes (like the bag filling and machine loading processes) can now or later be further automated in modules. If, for example, the optimal way to operate a large vacuum packaging machine is often carried out with several people for bag filling and for machine loading, then it is possible to save several people with a fully automated line from Supervac. These people may then be better used in other areas of the company. Only one person is required for the operation and monitoring of the plant.

This is how a fully automatic packaging line works: the raw products to be packaged come in different sizes and are measured at the beginning of the line and then packaged with the correct shrink bag of the right size. Six different bag formats are available at any one time. Finally, the bags themselves can also be automatically loaded onto a vacuum packaging machine. Here the size is also taken into account when the bag is placed on the chamber belt. The aim of the line is to achieve a consistently high output of vacuum packaged products and to achieve this as efficiently as possible in terms of human resources.

New cooling tank to optimize product life and preserve color
Supervac was presenting a newly developed cooling tank at the Anuga Food Tec for the first time. This machine can be positioned immediately after a shrink tank for the production of shrink packaging, and is thus perfect for integration into a modern vacuum packing line. Occupying the smallest possible footprint, after shrinking with hot water the products are immediately cooled down. This prevents color changes and significantly improves product life, as shown by a university study. The tank’s main areas of application are in the packing of fresh meat.