Seven Stars International, Karachi, Pakistan


Khamisa Enterprises, owners of the Zabiha slaughter and meat processing farm, recentlyopened a state-of-art meat processing facility for the production of Premium Quality Halal Meat, realized by MPS meat processing systems.

The complex consists of a slaughterhouse with cooling facility and a cutting-deboning-packing operation, located under one roof. Shipment of product in frozen and/or fresh chilled meat condition. The entire operation is Halal certified with already proven successful export allowances for their buffalo-cow-sheep-goat products.

The daily production of 300 large animals together with up to 2.000 sheep/lamb is allowed. Due to the automation in the production lines a standard high hygienic condition is established, in combination with the minimum quantity of labor.



To achieve the best results, MPS meat processing systems paid a lot of attention to the following aspects:

Animal welfare: supply – stables – stunning process

Meat quality: well controlled slaughtering process of both animal species

Traceability of the products: with the use of MPS tracking software

Hygiene: use of stainless steel wherever possible

Ergonomics: all working platforms are individually adjustable

Efficiency: the evisceration is a combined slaughter hall.