Producing Sausages with Excellent Control of Length and Weight. Marel Frank-A-Matic Linker

Marel’s new Frank-a-Matic LK 0400 is a linker for filling, linking and hanging sausage casings. This latest version of the Frank-A-Matic linker offers the market’s best performance in producing sausages with cellulose, collagen, or polyamide casings.

The Frank-A-Matic is a technologically advanced linker to produce strings of sausages in a continuous motion. It excels in keeping control of the consistent length and weight, minimizing give-away.

Flexible and consistent

Long casings, made of collagen, cellulose or polyamide, are filled with a sausage mix by the dosing pump, after which the machine twists the string automatically in accordance with the selected product recipe. The Frank-a-Matic LK 0400 is highly flexible in terms of product range; it can run all kinds of cooked and smoked sausages.

The new Frank-a-Matic linker offers a remarkably consistent performance. The improved casing hopper design handles casings extremely gently. By using latest-technology mechanical and electrical components, as well as food grade polyurethane belts and a redesigned metering pump, the Frank-a-Matic is able to run at high production speeds with utmost reliability. Both cost of ownership and operation costs are low.

It is simple to make adjustments during operation, also because of the easy-to-operate touchscreen interface. Sloping vertical surfaces ensure a high level of hygiene, making cleaning operations easy. The same goes for maintenance.


The first automatic sausage linker, the original Frank-A-Matic, was developed by Ray Townsend in the 1960s. The new Frank-A-Matic is the fourth generation of very successful linking equipment for cooked and smoked sausages.

The new Frank-A-Matic Linker series incorporates over 50 years of technological expertise in equipment and processing knowledge. The Frank-A-Matic name honors the past while the state-of-the-art design embraces the future. Compared to its predecessors, the LK 0400 series of linkers have improved weight and length control in addition to increased throughput speeds. These improvements come from a highly sophisticated redesign of the metering pump, linking unit, hopper and stuffing system.

Marel’s Frank-A-Matic LK 0400 Linker represents the latest innovations and outstanding performance and sets new benchmarks for sausage production. 

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